01 June 2022


 Last time we left off, we were in a bit of a cliffhanger.  Will we get a call from that number again?  Will they call twice within three minutes?  Will they do that twice?  Answers we need, not answers we deserve.

1 June 2022

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Here we go, again!

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Picking up where they left off yesterday, this will be ten calls in a row from this same number.  Will they continue the pattern and call again in a few hours?


Fuck you!

  949-264-7956 - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - A break in the pattern.  Another Spam Risk call.  Note the last four digits match the other number.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably.  But, in this situation of telemarketers...maybe they got all the '7965' numbers.  Either way, fuck you!

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  And, there it is.

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Same pattern of two calls in 2-3 minutes, then again in a few hours.  Gee, you think this shit is automated?


Tune in tomorrow, we expect two more pair of calls.  Fuck you!

  458-241-1819  Phoenix, OR - Wow, busy day.  And yes, that is Phoenix, Oregon...not Arizona.  That must be confusing.  Wait, are there 'fake towns' like this, located across the country, that host telemarketers?  Some sort of bizzaro world or upside down?  Fuck you!

emmaolivia9521@outlook.com - Late night text via email.  Seems legit, right?


There are some grammatical errors that make this confusing to read.  We just want to know if there is sex involved.  Fuck you!

2 June 2022

  319-474-4975  Brandon, IA - Now, they are using random numbers.  Same old cold calling techniques.  Nothing fancy like sexual massages.  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Of course, spoofed numbers are the go to for telemarketers. Fuck you!

  213-309-0255   - We got one of these last month from a different number.   They were also a few days early with the scam.


Good that we got a sneak peek of this a few days ago.  Now we know it is a scam.  Fuck you!

3 June 2022

  716-675-4030  Buffalo, NY - Ugh, looks like someone from Buffalo got their number spoofed by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

  515-348-0398  Des Moines, IA - Three days in and June looks like it is going to be quite a month.  What is going on?  Summer interns at the telemarketer call centers?  Do robots get interns?  Fuck you!

  424-414-4321  Inglewood, CA -  This is an interesting number.  It is a kind of number you can easily give out to someone, whether it be a bar, business meeting, television commercial, etc.  Look how easy it is to remember.  If this number was not a telemarketer number, one would wager this number would be receiving a lot of cold calls.  Fuck you!

4 June 2022

  530-645-2931  - This could be a wrong number or a booty call.  


More likely, a cold text.  Fuck you!

6 June 2022

  515-220-0874  Cambridge, IA - Interesting that we get a call from Iowa on the anniversary of D-Day.  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE - We have a return caller. Well, we get a lot of those.  But, in doing a quick search as we sometimes, our blog...this blog...came up as a result.  Fuck you!

9 June 2022

  319-727-2627  Coggon, IA - Another call from Iowa?  Something his happening in that Iowa/Nebraska area.  Alien invasion?  Nah, worse.  Telemarketer invasion.  Fuck you!

10 June 2022

  noreply... - This text came from an email address so long, we could not even get a to the domain.  Textbook 'cat walking on keyboard' login name.

Note that the text came in at 06:42, which only gave us about 18 minutes to get to the event venue...for a thirty minute session.  Yeah, probably not going to make it before everything ends.  Fuck you!

  310-853-3092 Culver City, CA - We have a message and not to our surprise, it is full of contradictions:

Call from Culver City, talking about a real estate team in Hermosa Beach with a call back number from somewhere in Michigan.  Fuck you!

  469-423-4908  Blue Ridge, TX - Who in the Blue Ridge are you? 

Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Busy day, with an early morning text and three calls...and a return caller.  You guys should recognise this number.

Just what the fuck does Miller, Nebraska want from us?  Fuck you!

13 June 2022
  442-221-5744  Benton, CA - Shit you find out when one searches for Benton, CA. Benton has a population of  244 people.  Is the whole town infested with telemarketers?  Come on, people of Benton.  You can hunt down these telemarketers.

Also, there seems to be two area codes assigned to Benton 442 and 760.  Dude, you have 244 people, do you really need more area codes than all of Northern Canada?  Fuck you!

14 June 2022
  458-658-0734  Medford, OR - Wow, this is a packed month.  Getting call almost everyday, and getting them from various parts of the country.  Looking forward to what the world of telemarketing brings to us tomorrow.  Not really.  Fuck you!

15 June 2022
  319-589-1252  Alburnett, IA - Another call from Iowa...and another:  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE - We got another return caller.  Always a blast when we start to type this number in a search and it autofills the rest. Fuck you!

16 June 2022
  502-783-7519  Frankfort, KY - What the fuck is this shit?


"Hi"?  That is all you got?  No introduction like, "Hey, this is Solomon Bates from SFTI...".  Fuck you!

  319-220-2521  Central City, IA - Wait, Central City is where The Flash runs around.  Funny, on TV, Central City looks a lot like Vancouver.  Iowa wishes it was was British Columbia.  Fuck you!

18 June 2022
    308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  This is the fifth call from this number, this month.  


Fuck you!

20 June 2022
  469-717-2974  Josephine, TX - Of course, we did a little research on Josephine.  A tiny city northeast area of Texas.  With Texas being so huge at almost 269 square miles, Josephine covers less than 2 square miles.

Its population according to the 2010 census was 812.  In 2019, the population jumped to an estimated 2094.  That is a lot of people to cram in 1.88 square miles.  How many of those 'new' residents are telemarketers?  Fuck you!

  510-898-6689  Berkeley, CA - Robocall with a robo message.  Fuck you!

22 June 2022
  347-979-6330 - This is the new format.  Trying to make it look legit by having a pretty picture, with pretty logo.  One could almost be fooled.  

But, it is late June and you are now just telling my billed has been paid?  Again, that link looks very sketchy.  Fuck you!

  830-990-2235  Fredericksburg, TX -  Totally off topic, but Fredericksburg reminds us of that Otisburg scene in Superman...classic!

Anyway, fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE -  Number six for the month.  Fuck you!

  140100006 - Ugh, another one of these.  The good news is, these are so poorly formatted, it is not even worth the time to read. 


Shall we break it down?  We will keep it shot.  First, the number this originates from is highly questionable.  We doubt that any legit company uses "support.com" as their domain.  Why is this formatted like an email?  TinyURL?  Really?  Do you really think Wells Fargo uses TinyURL?  Fuck you!

  614-594-9207 - The fuck is this shit?


Fucking hate this vague 'cold texting' bullshit...acting like you know us.  "Oh hey, Bill...Good afternoon".  Nah, bro!  Fuck you!

  mahmudmdshohag93@gmail.com - Another mass text from an email.  Coming in late at night.


Note that there are 21 recipients, we checked...there are way more.  There are a list of sequential phone numbers, so who knows how many 'cold texts recipients' were targeted.  Fuck you!

27 June 2022
  657-335-9402 - We got another one of the text

Oh, our June bill has been paid?  And, we get a reward?  Instead of a reward, how about you just fuck off!

  310-828-6472  Santa Monica, CA - Fun fact:  Santa Monica cops are some of the best at issuing tickets.  They have been known to issue tickets for things like missing front plates and other minor 'infractions'....to parked vehicles.  Seems like they have expanded to telemarketing.  Fuck you!

28 June 2022

  515-338-5994  Ellsworth, IA - What is it with fucking Iowa?  Fuck you!

30 June 2022
  579-803-7963  Lachute, Quebec, Canada - This call comes all the way from Canada.  It is the end of the month of June...which means tomorrow is Canada Day! Double holiday for those with dual citizenship or have friends and families in both countries.  

Cops are writing tickets to meet their quotas and prepare for the holiday weekend.   Perhaps the same applies to telemarketers to meet their number of scams for the month.  Have a save holiday, and fuck you!

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