08 April 2022


 Been slow lately.  Perhaps the tax season has an impact on the telemarketing industry.  In the past, we have received calls during tax season, offering 'help'.  Any opportunity to exploit the masses.

6 April 2022

  424-240-5953  Hawthorne, CA - Nothing came up on a search. But, we are not taking any chances.  Our default setting is to mark this as a telemarketer and/or scam call. So, fuck you!

10 April 2022

  mdsayeed01778@gmail.com - Coming in early on a Sunday morning...and we mean early.  Another one of those mass texts from a fake email address, with a very questionable link.


Nothing new here.  Just recycling old spam tactics.  Which brings us to recycling this:  Fuck you!

11 April 2022

  865-690-2101  Knoxville, TN - We did a search, this is another spoofed number.  How does one get their number spoofed?  There sure are a lot of these.  If you really think about it, the system does not really work. Like, why would anyone answer the phone from an unknown number?  Most people, like us, are not that important that we constantly get calls from all over the country.  

"Oh, and unknown number. Maybe I should answer it"  Fuck you!

  sabihn333yesmin333@gmail.com - Interesting.  Looks like these are from the same assholes that sent the text yesterday.  


It almost looks like they combined two log in names to form a new one.  We also have a typical pattern of picking some letters, perhaps a word or name, then added some numbers to create a new address in gmail.  This could be a new trend in the coming months of texts from generated gmail address.  Fuck you!

12 April 2022

  909-245-4564  Crestline, CA -  Another innocent (or, is it) number being spoofed by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

13 April 2022

  verify-n@unionbank.com - This seems legit.  But, official communication from a something like this does go from email to text.  One would get a text from a legit number, not an email address.


To really make sure, perhaps we can click the link, pretty sure it is totally legit, and "verify our identity and secure our account".  Or, we can just log onto our account the usual way, maybe call the bank to verify.  Oh one more thing, we do no have an account with Union Bank.  Fuck you!

16 April 2022
   661-467-0064  Santa Clarita, CA - According to our sources (really, just a quick search on Google), this is a robocall.  Like, no shit!  Good to see traditional robacalling from a 'registered' number and not spoofing an innocent number.  Still, and as always, fuck you!

18 April 2022
  310-849-6874 - Beverly Hills, CA - Going old school with another Beverly Hills number.  You know what happens when you go old school...the phone labels you as Spam Risk, and your call gets intercepted by Call Protect.  Total failure.  Fuck you!

20 April 2022
  310-322-8707  El Segundo, CA - Another spoofed number. We noticed that most of these spoofed numbers are registered to the elderly.  Usually someone in their 60's-70's.  Messing with old people is pretty low. Fuck you!

  315-435-8404  Syracuse, NY - Is this another Spoofy McSpoofface?  Could be.  Fuck you!

22 April 2022
  714-923-1460  Orange, CA - Happy Earth Day!  Here is a robocall with a robomessage, early in the morning.


What is the environmental impact of  telemarketers?  For sure they are wasting energy and resources.  Just think of how much better the planet would be without telemarketers.  Fuck you!

25 April 2022
  619-353-9998  Jacumba ,CA -  This is good number to have, if you were legit.  It rolls off the tongue very easily and easy to remember.


Sadly, this is another robocall with a robomessage.  A waste of a good number.  Fuck you!

29 April 2022
  310-830-4161  Los Angeles, CA - Getting those last minute calls in before the end of the month.  Here is another spoofed number, brought to you by your local telemarketer.  Fuck you!

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