02 March 2022


 We hope to see new 'techniques' from telemarketers this month, maybe some older routines.  Come on, get creative.

2 March 2022

  972-564-6613  Forney, TX -  This is what We are referring to.  Same old textbook boring telemarketing call.  

We looked up Forney.  Seems like a cool place to live. Located East of Dallas.  Easy to get in to the big city do your thing and escape back home and chill.  But, y'all have telemarketers there.  Fuck y'all

5 March 2022

  937-748-3741 Franklin, OH - Come on, guys.  You need to get more creative than just spoofing a number.  Fuck you!

7 March 2022

  423-775-7113  Dayton, TN - So, we are just going back to cold calling with spoofed numbers?  Fuck you!

9 March 2022

  562-352-1134  La Habra, CA - Robocall with a robo-message.  You know, one of those really 80's sounding robot voices, like in War Games.  "Would you like to play a game?"


Yes, how about Global Thermonuclear War?  Fuck you!

11 March 2022
  +86(21) 5923 1508  Shanghai, China -  Whoa!  All the way from Shanghai.  No effort to spoof the number.  Straight up long distance call.

+86(21) 5923 1508

 The voicemail is obviously in Chinese, but fun to see how the phone transcribes the message.  Or, maybe it translated the message for us.  Either way, pretty cool to get a call from China...not really.  Fuck you!

12 March 2022
  jessicacookh@outlook.com - Finally, a booty call


Just what is a "gumtree of sex"?  Fuck you!

14 March 2022
  870-869-2324  Imboden, AR - Interesting results came up when we did a quick search on this number.  The number is apparently owned by a church in Arkansas. Funny, the name "Imboden" sounds like a word from the 'sacred text'.  Like "Adam hath imboden his cock upon Eve".  Fuck you!

21 March 2022
  480-360-7413  Phoenix, AZ - Wow, a week since our last call.  That must be some kind of record.  According to a quick search, this is number belongs to a roofing company in Arizona.  So this is either a spoofed call or  they have no idea that we are way out of  that jurisdiction.  Also, we had a new roof installed a few years back, we good.  Fuck you! 

23 March 2022
  618-822-2309  Kell, IL - We usually look up the number, but seeing it it was from out of town, we figured it was a your typical telemarketer call.  But, we looked up Kell, IL.  Funny to see "village in Illinois"...and they do mean village.  The population in Kell (2019) is 155 people.  

In a small village like that 'everyone knows everyone'.  Well, do you guys know you have a telemarketer in the village?  Fuck you!

  310-542-5710  Redondo Beach, CA - They left a message:


Nope.  Fuck you!

24 March 2022
  727-539-6051 Clearwater, FL - A call from Clearwater?  We have a pretty good idea what they are selling.  Are telemarketers allowed to talked to SP's?  Fuck you!

28 March 2022
  818-301-5826  Los Angeles, CA -  This is one of those flagged by the phone and intercepted by Call Protect.  Typical boring stuff...and a typical boring fuck you!

31 March 2022
  419-884-7029  Lexington, OH - Spoofy McSpoofface. Fuck you!

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