04 October 2021


 We are hoping to get more 'gift' offers this month.  It was a new trend that started last month and we received no less than eight of these text scams. 

4 October 2021

  279-399-2047  Sacramento, CA - We start off the month with a late evening call.  Based on search results, this looks like a spoofed number.  As usual, our theory is based on the fact that no one in the Sacramento area would be calling us.  Heck, no one at all would be calling us.  Fuck you!

9 October 2021

  201-713-7459  New Jersey - Here we go!  The first 'free gift' text of the month. 


We got nine of these last month.  Can we get 10 of this month?  

And, look what time this came in.  A little late to be in the day to be sending out notifications like this.  Do you think AT&T would contact anyone during non-business hours? Fuck you!

13 October 2021

510-210-1275  Richmond, CA - And so, it begins...fuck you!

650-456-1282  Pescadero, CA -  We got simultaneous calls and messages:

No, not back to back...at the same time.  There is no call record from this number, yet we have a voicemail.  Fuck you!

707-420-1470  Suisun City, CA - Same message, same duration, same time.


Fuck you!

19 October 2021

  1410100005 - What kind of number is that?  We already smell scam.  Spoiler Alert...and another red flag...we have not ordered anything nor are we expecting any shipments. 


Spelling counts.  Misspelling your company name is a huge red flag.  Most communication from corporate is automated and checked.  You mean to tell us that a shit load of these went out to customers with the company name misspelled...twice?  Fuck you!

20 October 2021

  310-849-5771  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go!  Abandoning the 'free gift campaign and back to those Beverly Hills numbers. Fuck you!

  310-849-4254  Beverly Hills, CA - Strong move to call twice, trying different 'origin numbers'.  Fuck you!

24 October 2021

  susan.ssusansa52117@gmail.com -  Mass text via email, coming in at 23 minutes after midnight.  we assure you that there are more than the '20 people' received this text.   As with many of these, there are so many questions.


Why just the link?  It is customary to give a little intro.  Maybe something like, "free gift".  And, why the repeat of the link?  Obviously, character count was not an issue...it was wasted on repeating the link, instead of giving a little info to what this may be about.  Come on, tease me a little.  Make me want to click your link and fall for your scam.

The email address.  At first we thought it was random letters or some Eastern European name.  We have susan, then ss, usa, nsa.  "SS", like a ship?  "USA and NSA"...what is this, some sort of government organization?  Oh, gmail...nevermind.  Fuck you!

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