01 September 2021

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2021

 Here we go, two thirds of the year is over, and we are heading into the home stretch.  August was a pretty packed month of calls.  Typical.  

1 September 2021

  310-846-2715  Inglewood, CA - Whoa!  New number, what happened to the old stand by?  Do we have a new location and numbers for this month?   Been a while since we had a call from Inglewood.  

Anyway, first day of the month and these guys are already working on scamming folks.  To that, we say, fuck you!

2 September 2021

  310-504-8748  Redondo Beach, CA - Oh, here we go!  310-504-XXXX has entered the chat.  Back to basics with old number.  Fuck you!

8 September 2021

  310-504-8084  Redondo Beach, CA - Wow, long break.  It seems that robocallers have holidays, too.  Fuck you!

9 September 2021

  310-504-5960  Redondo Beach, CA - These guys just slowly creep up on you like a predator.  Fuck you!

10 September 2021

  800-347-9700  -  This could be Citibank, but it could also be a spoofed number claiming to be Citibank.  Do we have an account with Citibank?  Maybe.  We have lots of accounts with various banks around the world, most of them are legit.  We usually let our 'accountants' deal with our financial issues.  Then, we have other 'associates' deal with people like telemarketers.  Fuck you!

11 September 2021

  310-795-5057  Los Angeles, CA - We have no clue what this is.  Somewhere between telemarketer and wrong number.  By default, we lean towards telemarketer.  Obviously, we did a quick search, nothing came up.  But, maybe if you look it up now, you will see this post.  Congratulations, fuck you!

14 September 2021

  870-663-5286  Arkansas -  This is sneaky.  This is a straight up scam!


This number does not come up as an AT&T number.  Searching AT&T and this number give negative results.  This also means, this not not a 'free msg'. We are half way through the month and now last month's bill is finally processed?  No.  AT&T generally has their shit together, bills get processed early in the month.  Oh, little gift?  Most likely a fucking virus.  And, that link looks highly questionable.  Fuck you!

   347-604-0527  New York - Awesome, we get two of these on the same day.  This pretty much backs up our theory that this a scam.  You screwed up by not talking to corporate about who you were targeting.  We may have fallen for the first one...no really...but this second one was a rookie move. Now, we all know what to look for, and anyone ready this, all 5 of you, now know about this scam.


Sure, they changed the words a little and the link is different.  But we know that link will lead to some shady places.  Time to come up with something else.  Fuck you!

15 September 2021

  347-610-8856  New York - This is what we call a trend.


Fuck you!

  310-504-6908  Redondo Beach, CA - What, no "little freebie" from "AT&T", this time?  

Those paying attention will recognize the area code and prefix.  Yep, back to the old cold call.  Darn, we were hoping for more free shit.  Fuck you!

  469-981-2010  Royse City, TX - We get a little excited when we get a call from some random or new location.  So, of course we had to do a search and see what this place has to offer.  

Royse City is located North East of Dallas with a population on about 15,000.  For comparison, the American Airlines Center seats about 20,000, depending on the event.  You can basically hold a town meeting for Royse City in the AA center.

Anyway, fuck you!

  281-845-6211  Arcola, TX - Another small town in Texas.  We know they say to not mess with Texas, but y'all got telemarketers there.  Plus, Arcola has a population of less than 3000 people.  Fuck you!

16 September 2021

 800-347-9700  -  Is Citibank really trying to reach us?  Or, is this a spoofed call?  If it is Citibank, we are guessing that we have an account with them...so, what are the odds that this is an attempt to upsell some package.  We consider that classic telemarketing.  Fuck you!

17 September 2021

  310-504-5788  Redondo Beach, CA - Here we go, again.  Fuck you!

  310-504-5788  Redondo Beach, CA - Round too.  Fuck you, two!

  jeaninegsiemeringsp0266@hotmail.com - So, we back to this shit, again?


Where do we start?  Email address.  jeaninegsiemeringsp0266.  Do you really need the 0266 at the end?  All that mess in the beginning is hard enough to fit on a resume or business card, and what are the chances that others have taken the name jeaninegsiemeringsp...which would require you to add your birthday?

Come on, who is emailing people at (almost) 10PM?  Surely, this could wait until morning.

What the fuck kind of link is that?  No message, just a link.  Anybody clicking some random text from some shit ass email address, at 10PM?  Fuck you!

18 September 2021

  714-732-9199  Newport Coast, CA - We got another one:


This is the fourth one, this week.  Any guess as to how many we can get by the end of the month?  Think we can reach ten?  Fuck you!

  347-861-5632  New York - This is our second of the day, fifth one, overall.  


Most of these are coming in from the New York area with the 347 area code.  In our best, or worst New York accent...Eh, fuck you!

21 September 2021
  310-504-6002  Redondo Beach, CA - Are we just going to go back and forth with these 310-504 numbers and free gifts from AT&T?  Fuck you!

  929-215-7942  New York - Oh, we got another one.  Okay, ignore the fact that appologies is misspelled.  This one is a little sneaky, but we all know the game by now.


Hmm..."down time on September 16"?  How would we even notice this?  

But, get this.  Look at the dates in this post.  Note that we first started receiving these types of text on the 14th.  Then, as expected, on the 15th.   Then, what?  A break!  No text for 'free gift' on the 16th.  Is this due to "signal down time"?  Well...we did receive at least one attempted phone call, ignored, of course. So, there was no real down time in signal.  Fuck you!

22 September 2021

  209-630-4642  California - Another Silenced Call.  We were kind of  hoping for another free gift.  Fuck you!

23 September 2021

  917-860-8864  New York - We get a little exited when we get these kind of texts.  This is the seventh one.  This means we have about a week to get to ten.  


Fun to see the different wording to say the same thing.  At the end, the goal is to scam people.  Fuck you!

  862-225-1181  New Jersey - Meh, average call blocked by Call Protect and flagged by the phone.  Fuck you!

27 September 2021

  747-666-2435  Agoura Hills, CA - Interesting number.  Would be awesome if it was the devil.  Makes since, living in hell and making telemarketer calls all day.  Fuck you!

  559-394-9475 Reedly, CA - What is this?  We want our free gift from AT&T.  Fuck you!

  419-863-1455 Delphos, OH - All the way from Ohio, and we just ignored the call.  Fuck you!

28 September 2021

  909-304-2174  Chino, CA - Ugh, Spam Risk.  We know.  What happened to all those cool gifts from AT&T?  There is only two days left to get.  We want ten of these by the end of the month.  Fuck you!

  332-228-9423  New York - Hell yeah!  This is what we want.  Check out the clever wordage:


Oh wait, did you say "symbolic gift"?  Well, shit!  Sign me up.  Do I just click on that totally legit looking link you provided?  Fuck you!

29 September 2021
  503-334-4732  Portland, OR - Where is our 'gift'?  Fuck you!

30 September 2021
  310-354-0256  Gardena, CA - Uh, guys...this is the last day of the month.  We need some more 'free gift' texts.  Fuck you!

  973-394-2729  Boonton, NJ - What is this shit?  This is what we want:
  • A thank you for paying our bill
  • Some sort of apology for an apparent down time
  • Most of all, we want some sort of freebie, a little something, or a symbolic gift.
Fuck you!

  929-319-6894  Queens, NY - Finally!  We have our ninth scam text.  Check out new clever wording:


See, they switched it up.  Pretty genius.  Okay, we need one more to hit ten for the month.  Hurry, only a few hours left.  Fuck you!

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