05 November 2019

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 074, 078, 079, 080

Good news:  we have another shipment.  Bad news:  they skipped some issues in this shipment...again.  Just when you thought you were back on track.  Issues 076 and 077 are missing, so we 'fast forward' to 079 and 080.

Issues 074, 078, 079, 080

As mentioned, there were problems with Issue 074.  Looks liked they solved the problems and also included an extra parts bag for 074.  I will get to details later.

Shipment included two parts bags for 074
Issue 074 - Fitting Passenger Door

This is just like the Driver's Door from Issue 070...way back in April.  I waited six months for these parts.  Finally, we can finish the door.

Contents of Issue 074
Oh, remember the T-Panel from 075?  If you were impatient, like me, and installed it, you will have to remove it to install the passenger door.  Just keep track of the screws and reinstall after 074.

Here is my theory on the delay of 074, the QM screws.  If you recall, I mentioned that the QM screws were kinda small to hold up the doors.  Well, looks like the 'fix' was to give us new QM screws.  I am guessing the reason for the two bags...so you have an extra bag of screws??? Why not just send us a new dine bag of QM screws.  Then again, I could be totally wrong and they just did not make enough copies to fulfill subscriptions and subscribers like me are ten months behind thanks to these totally controllable situations.

New QM (left) compared to old QM (right)
Anyway, the new QM is shorter have a wider head (see above).

Pro tip:  Change out all the old QM from your driver's door to the new QM.  This includes the strut plate.  Being a shorter screw, the plate will actually sit flush with the frame.  While still small, the new QM will hold the door hinges better and be more flush when you mount the struts to the doors.

Issue 078 - Left Rear Panel Parts

Contents of Issue 078
So, you will need the Left Rear Panel first, before you tackle these parts.  Hold on to these and wait for 076 and 077.  Argh, so frustrating!

Issue 079 - Right Rear Panel

Contents of Issue 079
One large piece of metal and a small piece of plastic.  This is one is simple.

You can see an 'L-bar' in the photo.  I have no idea what this is, it does not fit into anything from this shipment and does not appear on the parts list.  Again, best to set it aside.

Issue 080 - Right Rear Panel Parts

Contents of Issue 080
Lots of small parts, lots of small screws...and a new screw comes in, the LP!

There are many fluxband brackets in this bag.  Pay attention to the instructions as the brackets are individually labeled.  Pretty exciting to see the car take shape.

Once completed, you get to mount this on the frame.  Just need 076 and 077 for the other rear panel.  It should look like this:

Almost there
Another pro tip:  I use rubber bands to keep the hood (bonnet) and doors from flopping around.  Also be mindful of the side mirrors as they are flimsy and you can break them off.  Ask me how I know.  I suggest you remove the mirrors and set them aside until the body is mounted to the chassis.

The current extra screw count:

65-AP, 18-BP, 2-CP, 20-AM, 12-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 25-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 18-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 2-GP, 11-NM, 1-MM, 4-KM, 1-LM, 2-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 2-QM, LP-1

to be continued...

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