02 December 2019


Last month of the year, and making that final push.

2 December 2019
  909-287-1515  Chino, CA - I wonder if Chino pants originated from Chino, CA.  Fuck you!

  424-353-0526  Los Angeles, CA - Looks like I have been 'naughty' this year...or, is this what one gets for being 'nice'?  Two calls in one day.  Fuck you!

12 December 2019

  213-810-7579  Los Angeles, CA - Even on holiday, these guys will get to you. Phone was turned off, but when I turned it on, I found a voicemail from this number. Only thing that was recorded on the voicemail was the robot hanging up thine phone. Fuck you!

20 December 2019

  213-802-9254  Los Angeles, CA - Still on holiday. Same MO as the last call, voicemail of nothing. Fuck you!

  800-632-2737  Unknown - Yeah, “unknown”. This one also left a voicemail...another one of those Chinese marketing scams. Fuck you!

27 December 2019

  763-244-3272  Cambridge, MN - Used the Google machine and this came up:

"Robocaller Warning!"  "...most rated as negative Unsolicited call."  Fuck you!

30 December 2019

  213-417-9921 - Los Angeles, CA - One more before the end of the year?  Fuck you! 

  562-299-8634 - Downey, CA - Oh, really cramming it in before the new year starts.  As I mention before, I had not been getting calls whilst on holiday.  I wonder if there location tracking has something to do with telemarketing calls.  It could be coincidence...you never know.  Fuck you!

31 December 2019

  310-979-8984  Los Angeles, CA - I hope someone sticks a fireworks up these telemarketers' asses, and light them with a flame thrower.  That would be a great way to ring in the new year.  Fuck you!

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