04 November 2019


With the end of Daylight Savings Time we go back to "Standard" time.  Fun fact:  Standard time is only "standard" from November to March...just five months.  Daylight Savings Time while not the standards lasts seven months.  I have a many thoughts on time change if you are really interested.  Anyway...

4 November 2019
  614-407-8577  Unknown -  Came up as 'unknown', but the Google says the call originates from Ohio.  I say this is another telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  844-209-3433  Unknown - This is apparently a toll free number.  Search results in suspected spam with over 12,000 detected calls.  Fuck you!

5 November 2019
  310-922-3053  Los Angeles, CA - I kinda miss those old Beverly Hills numbers. Wait, did they finally run out of those numbers to spoof?  Fuck you!

  719-401-9026  Peyton, CO - Nothing came up on initial search.  So, we default to spoofed number.  Typical, fuck you!

  844-209-3433  Unknown - Well, we know who these guys are, they called yesterday.  I have a feeling they will be calling a few more times before the month is over. Fuck you!

  844-209-3433  Unknown - Argh, I need to remember to block these numbers as soon as possible. Twice in one day and three times in two days. Fuck you!

12 November 2019
  310-820-1834  Los Angeles, CA - Update:  I blocked that 'unknown' number last week...been call free since.  So, I guess it took them a week to get their shit together, using another (I assume) spoofed number.  Fuck you!

14 November 2019
  711-711 - Another one of those automated texts.  But sadly, it was not from 7-Eleven informing me that I had just won a lifetime of Slurpees.

 Surprise, I did not sign up for anything.  What the fuck is 7Rewards?  Not even going to Google it.  Oh, wait, 800 points?  Clearly, this is telemarketing.  I mean it says right there, "opt-in to SMS marketing"...which translates to, "reply so we can confirm your number to telemarketing".  Fuck you!

25 November 2019
  951-902-5519 - Another text message.  But, this one is a bit different.

Looks like ten other people were also attacked on this mass text...as if we all know each other.  I can see it now, some fucking idiot is going to 'reply all' and we all know how that goes.  Fuck you!

26 November 2019
 424-419-0154  United States - Why do some of the search results lead to site with Russian writing.   Uh, no.  Fuck you!

29 November 2019
  818-533-9125  Los Angeles, CA - A Black Friday call?  Wait, do robocallers celebrate Thanksgiving with other automated systems?  I am surprised to not receive calls yesterday.  Seem like it would be a good time to call since everyone would be home with their families.  Anyway, this is another (I assume) spoofed number from the Los Angeles area. Fuck you!

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