05 December 2018


A little disappointed that we are five days into the new month and five days since the last call.  What gives?

5 December 2018
  816-897-6519 Kansas City, MO - Wait, there is a Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri?  What, they are the same city?  Who makes a city border two states?  This is madness.  I wonder (too lazy to Google) if other cities straddle state, province, country line.  Where was I?  Oh, telemarketers...fuck you!

  513-715-8780  Harrison, OH - This is good.  I like it when they use random numbers from random locations.  It keeps me on my toes like a graceful ballerina.  But, as usual, if I see numbers and not a name associated in the Caller ID, that shit gets ignored, like a chubby ballerina.

Oh, they left a "message":

I love how the phone transcribes the message.  That was it.  It pays to have a long outgoing message so the robocallers are unable to start or finish their propaganda.  Fuck you!

7 December 2018
  613-593-4396  Greenport, NY - What, no more spoofed numbers?  Did your spoofing contact run out at the end of the year?  Did not pay your bills. Ah, fuck you!

  310-849-2210  Beverly Hills, CA - Nevermind. I guess you are going back to spoofing numbers. Awesome!  This makes it way easier for me to ignore. Thanks, and...fuck you!

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