31 December 2018

Fitbit Memory Storage

I think I mentioned way back that I have a Fitbit Alta HR.  I have been using this fitness tracker for almost two years.  The wife also sports a Charge 3...and both of us really need to be more athletic.

Recently, we were on holiday for nearly a month.  The problem with going to foreign lands is getting internet service...for free.  I am kinda cheap.  Sure, one can pay for roaming charges or acquire a SIM card for phone.  But, these things cost money and sometimes a vacation from social media is just as important as vacation from work.

Where am I going with this? You need access to the internet to sync your Fitbit fitness tracker.  Like most people I just sync with the app on my phone. Again, no internet on phone means no syncing.

The last time I synced my Fitbit was on 1 December, before leaving on this trip.  I should also mention that our destination was Southeast Asia, a 16 hour difference.  Another reason not to sync was time zone issues.  Would I loose/gain more hours in a the days I am flying?  How can I hit my step goals if I only had 8 hours?

Anyway...we just wore our trackers for over three weeks without syncing.  We charged every week like normal.  When we got back to our time zone and had internet service, on 28 December, we synced and all the data for the past four weeks was there.  Four weeks of data was not lost.  This is awesome since we did a lot of walking and set personal bests during our trip.

Fun fact.  I got sick during the trip. Noticed that my resting heart rate was 50% higher than normal while my body was fighting off whatever virus I had. Once I was feeling better, my heart rate went back to normal.

I am amazed that these wrist mounted devices can hold so much memory.  Next time, we should plan a longer trip. 

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