04 October 2017


Exciting time of the year.  We have leaves falling, seasons changing along with retail store displays.  And, as usual, spooky calls from telemarketers.

4 October 2017
  424-356-4658  Inglewood, CA - I have been waiting for this call, our first of the month.  This is also a return caller from last month, no doubt selling the same shit.  Fuck you!

10 October 2017
  310-875-5634  Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica home of hipsters and beach bimbos.  Also famous for issuing random parking and traffic tickets.  Now, they have telemarketers.  Fuck you!

13 October 2017
  310-849-1314  Beverly Hills, CA - Ooh...Friday the 13th.  Could it be Jason Voorhees calling?  I mean, if he talked, it could be him.  But no, it is worse...it is a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  310-849-6837  Beverly Hills, CA - Perhaps Friday the 13th, Part II.  So, am I going to get a call for each damn sequel?  Fuck you!

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