05 August 2016


New month, same shit.  Ah, summer is here and another Olympics are upon us.  There has to be some Olympic-type competition for telemarketers.  Do you think they have company picnics?  I hope it fucking rains during their shitty picnic.  Ants!  I hope there are ants all over their food and the ants crawl up their legs and tunnel into their ass.  That is how annoying you fucking telemarketers are.

5 August 2016
  213-266-7230  Los Angeles, CA - Well, hello.  Just last month we had a call from a number with the same area code, same prefix, and very similar suffix...just nine number off.  I guaran-fucking-tee you this call is from the same telemarketing company.  I hope your air conditioning unit fails on you during the hot days of summer.  Fuck you!

15 August 2016
  213-266-7285  Los Angeles, CA - I bet you are wondering, "Wow, ten days. That is a long time between calls".  Ah, not really.  I was on holiday and my phone was shut off for the last ten days.  So, as soon as Monday hits, I get my first call just before 10AM.  I bet they were just itching to call last week.

Oh, and you may have noticed the reoccurring area code, prefix, and similar suffix.  They have taken over the 213-266-72XX.  I image the 213 area code is in high demand with mobile users.  So, fuck you for buying these up and not allowing people with legitimate businesses to get these numbers.  There should be a specific area code just for telemarketers.  One more time...fuck you!

20 August 2016
  213-210-2465 Los Angeles, CA - Same area code, but at least it is a different number. Another one of those Saturday calls.  This tells me that telemarketers do not get weekends off...or, most likely, this is your typical robo call.  Either way, fuck you.

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