16 August 2016

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 - Bump Codes

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 - 71013

LEGO Minifigures are awesome.  Normally, these are hard to find in my area.  I happen to be on holiday in Utah, stopped by a Target, and found a bunch on the pegs.  I noticed that there was a guy in a banana suit on the package.  Seriously, a guy in a banana outfit.  I have to have this!

I also noticed there was a guy in penguin outfit...and a baby Minifigure.  What?  I have to have these, too.

So, like many, I stood there and felt the blind bags for about half and hour.  As I was feeling up the Minifigures, I felt some parts that seemed like they were not part of the line up on the package.  Thanks to free wi-fi at Target, I looked up the line up and realised there was a mini penguin as well.  Oh, this is going to take a while.

LEGO Minifigures Series 16
Above is the image I used as reference as I pinched and felt my way through about 50 bags. Eventually, I got the four that I wanted.

When I got home, I did some more research on Series 16.  That is when I found out about Bump Codes.  What?  There are a series of bumps on the bottom of the bags that can tell you which Minifigure is in the pack.  No need to feel, if you know the codes.  This saves a lot of time and crazy looks from others as you stand there feeling bags.  I know I was on the security cameras and the crew was watching me.

As of this post there has not been an update of bump codes for Series 16.  These four should hopefully helps in that quest.  Anyway, here are the Minifigs I got and their bump codes.  There are no 'official names' for the Minifugures, that I know of, so I made some up.  I have also 'enhanced' the bumps so it shows up better on camera.

Banana Man
Banana Man - Probably the easiest to feel because of the banana outfit.

Bump Code:  Two bumps.  Left bump about 14mm from left edge, 4mm up from bottom. Right bump about 12mm from right edge, 4mm from bottom.

Babysitter with Baby
Babysitter with Baby - Feel for the baby's body.  You will notice the shape of hands and feet. 

Bump Code:  Left bump about 23mm from edge, 3mm from bottom.  Right bump about 15mm from edge, 3mm from bottom.

Penguin Man
Penguin Man - Feel for the arms, they will be straight and flat and will not have hands to twist.

Bump Code:  Left-A, 11mm, 4mm.  Left-B, 25mm, 6mm.  Left-C, 37mm, 2mm.  Right, 14mm, 5mm.

Arctic Explorer with Baby Penguin
Arctic Explorer with Baby Penguin - This one is harder to feel.  Feel for the Explorers hoodie, two big openings.  Then feel for baby penguin, you should be able to feel the shape of the flippers.

Bump Code:  Left-A, 9mm, 6mm.  Left-B, 33mm, 3mm.  Right, 11mm, 3mm.

Hopefully, with the Bump Codes and feel techniques, that will help you find one of the four I found.

Series 16 Bump Codes
These are the four I wanted.  I was also running out of time.  This should help others get started in decoding the bumps.  Good luck and have fun.


tyroga said...

Thanks, this will help with my hunt for the Babysitter!

Unknown said...

If I could send you a pic I just raided Walmart and have codes for: boxer girl, ice queen, hiker, spooky boy, pirate, Arabian knight, spy, and archer also!! Yes I matched codes on 60, have a bunch of dupes I will either return or sell?