24 July 2016

Stage II and Other Upgrades for the DeLorean

Finally, back home
Welcome home.  I dropped off the car in December, after seven months, my DeLorean is done.  There were some delays and issues that lead to the long turnover time.  For one, the folks at DeLorean Motor Company were backed, so they could not get to my car until March.  Parts had to be ordered, shipped, prepared, and assembled before installation.

New engine and exhaust, Stage II -  Since I had block rot in the old engine, I needed a new engine.  The only option was a Stage II system.  Well, the other option was to keep patching holes until my whole block is made out of JB Weld.

New tires - There was a little dry rot on my tires and they were pushing ten years old.  Why not get some new tires with that new engine?

New transmission - While testing the engine, the transmission failed and broke down.  I was having issues with shifting before bringing it in, but thought that was 'normal thirty-five year old shifting technology'. Better for it to break down on them than on me.  So, new transmission.

New radiator and water pump - When it was almost done, some more testing showed that the engine was running hot.  Long story short, the radiator was shot and I needed a new one...and a water pump as well.  Why not?

So shiny and new.

So, pretty much everything on my car has been replaced/upgraded.

The drive home was interesting as I had hot driving the car in seven months.  It takes a little getting used to.  The exhaust is a lot louder, the shifting is smoother...it is like driving a new car.  Heck, it is almost like I paid for a new car.

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