08 July 2016


New month and half way through the year. Crazy things are happening around the world, yet these fuckers are business as usual.

8 July 2016
   323-798-7334  Los Angeles, CA - Well here we go.  Another call from the Los Angeles area.  I like the number because it almost looks like it can spell something cool like, 1-800-SCAM-BOT.  But, it is just your garden variety fake number from your garden variety telemarketer.  So, fuck you!

11 July 2016
   213-266-7221  Unknown - Ha!  It said 'unknown', but we all know that 213 is Los Angeles.  And, we all know, that this could only be from a telemarketer.  According to the Google place, there have been over thirty calls reported via 800notes.com in the last 24 hours.  So, they hacked a new number, made a bunch of calls, and  most likely will 'retire' this number and 'draft' a new one.  Be on the look out for additional calls.  Fuck you!

18 July 2016
  510-283-9985  El Sobrante, CA - Well, this one is interesting.  The phone did not ring, and this went directly to voice mail.  So, they actually left a message. Obviously, this was a scam bot.  I have one of those long intros to my voice mail, this means when a bot 'leaves a message', it starts recording in the middle of their pitch.  For those curious, this was for a health insurance scam.  I did a search on the number to confirm.  Fuck you!

  323-798-7334  Los Angeles, CA - I just finished updating this with the above number and bam, a new call.  Not just any caller, a return caller from ten days ago.  No message was left.  I wonder if the phone system is trapped in some sort of time portal where I get the message first, then the call comes in.  I know, they are from different numbers...but we have been through this before...the numbers are routed and there was a glitch in the code.  Yep, that is what I am going with.  Fuck you!

19 July 2016
  510-283-9985  El Sobrante, CA - Well, la de da.  Another return caller.  No message this time.  In fact, the phone barely rang and they hung up.  Did not even give me a chance to reach into my pocket to decline the call.  But, they called, so it still counts.  Fuck you!

   323-609-6016  Los Angeles, CA - So the plan is to call twice a day now, so you can meet you fucking quota?  First a Northern California number in the morning/early afternoon, then hit me with a Southern California number in the late afternoon.  Okay, I see.  So tomorrow, same thing?  Fuck you!

27 July 2016
   410-100-001  - Yep, that is the number, and this was text.  Oh, you know how I hate texts.  Here is the full text.  Even though it mentions that this is "confidential" and I "should not copy of use it".  Whatever, fucknut.

Lance A Scott is a pussy
Look at the time of text,  just after midnight.  Who the fuck texts at that hour?  What the fuck is up with "1 of 4", yet this came in as one text.  And, where is 4 of 4?  You guys cannot even count.

I even did a quick search on the incomplete number.  Turns out, this is a scam.  Surprise!  Fuck you!

   352-516-2512  Eustis, FL - Who the what the fuck is Eustis?  Apparently, it is a tiny town in Lake County Florida.  I looked at the map and it is surrounded by various bodies of water.  It has just over 19,000 residents.  I am sure this is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone.  Should not be hard to hunt down some of these telemarketers.  Oh, I hope an alligator finds a telemarketer and chomps down on one. Then just when they try to call for an ambulance, the phone rings and it is another telemarketer, so they do not get medical assistance.  Too bad, telemarketers....fuck you!

28 July 2016
  213-277-5033  Los Angeles, CA - One of those 'after hour' calls to try to catch you off guard. The call came in just before 8PM, right at the sweet spot of dinner and winding down time.  All of the sudden the phone rings.  Could be someone I know, could be important.  Then again, could be a fucking telemarketer.  You know which one it was.  Damn it, I was in the middle of watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  Fuck you!


Anonymous said...

323 798 7334 I don't even b other to answer---

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I agree 100%!!