06 June 2016

Titanium Pocket Tool - Kickstarter

I am a sucker for titanium.  Heck, I will sometimes do a search for 'titanium' on auction sites just to see what is out there.  Another place I will go is Kickstarter...which is where I found the Titanium Pocket Tool.  I like multi-function tools and obviously, I love titanium...so of course I had to get this.

Titanium Pocket Tool
The Kickstarter campaign started by Big iDesign around March of this year, with a goal of raising $5000.  When the campaign ended the TPT raised just over $229K.  As promised, the item arrived in June.

I have had the tool for a day and did some non-scientific testing on it.  Here are my thoughts and results with each tool listed on their website

• Bottle Opener - What is a Kickstarter campaign without a bottle opener function?  As I have mentioned, I to a search for titanium and usually a handful of items come up.  I bet if you do a search for 'bottle opener', you would break Kickstarter.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  It works fine for a bottle opener on a multi-tool.  I am sure you have many bottle openers at home that can do better...or other Kickstarter items you that also have a bottle opener 'designed into it'.

• Flat Head Screwdriver - Again, works fine.  Obviously, this is not as ergonomically friendly as your traditional screwdriver, but like the bottle opener, in a pinch, it works.

• Wide Flat Head Screwdriver - See above for function.  But, I find this 'tool' to be a little misleading.  The wide flat-head screwdriver is the area in the lower left of tool (see above image).  It is like saying a coin is a multi functional currency.  It works, but again, there is no leverage.

• Internal Magnet - Strong enough to hold its own weight (listed at 24 grams).  But, not more than two pieces of paper.

• 1/4″ (6mm) Hex Bit Opening - Good enough in 'survival' situation.

• Measurement Cues - This is interesting.  From the top, the center of the screw to the edge of the button does measure 25mm.  And, from center to center of the bottom screws, it does measure 50mm.  There are no other markers, so this is only good for rough measurements.

• Mini Pry Bar - Just like how a coin can be a pry bar, but you get a little better leverage here.  Bonus, it is also the flat head screwdriver.

• Scraper Edge - Not really feeling this one.  There is a slight overlap where the two halves meet, forming a slight...very slight...edge that can be used for scraping.  Again, you can use a coin to scrap a lottery card, too.

• Stainless Steel Insert “Dual Function” - The "dull edge package opener" works fine.  I have opened packages with keys, even toothpicks.  I give this one a pass.  I wonder if this is 'airport safe'.
  The camping fork would probably work better if it was four pronged.  The three prong design results in wide prongs.  Stabbing something soft like pasta is fine.  Anything harder like vegetables, the fork does not hold very well.  A normal fork is curved and that helps lock in the food. This being straight, anything hard or heavy tends to slip off the end.  Obviously, the prongs are short (they are also angled) stabbing more than one or two pieces of food is going to be a challenge.  Also, noodles are out of the question.

• 550 Paracord Lanyard / Key Ring Opening - To put it bluntly, this is a hole with a string tied in a knot.  The paracord, and anything you have attached to it, can get in the way of tool usage.  But having an option to latch it on to something is a great option.  A soft loop like paracord is a preferred alternative to a hard metal ring that can scratch my beloved titanium.

• Accepts Standard Utility Razor Blades (not included) - The insert is basically a blunt utility razor with notches cut in to make a fork.  So yeah, I give this a pass.  I prefer the included insert as it has a fork and hopefully airport safe.

• Universal Wrench Design (15 Socket Sizes) - Not really feeling this one either.  The best place to grip a nut (you have a dirty mind) is on its sides.  This design grips the nut by the corners, the weakest part.  While it does work, there really is not enough leverage and nut grip (get your mind out of the gutter) to torque a nut.  I found that it slipped more times than expected.  Also, the design means you have to flip it one way to tighten bolt and the other to loosen, much like a pipe wrench.

Well, there you go.  For the price, it might be a little over priced for what it is.  There are better multi-tools out there that can do more for less money.  Although few are as compact and even fewer are made of titanium.  Overall, I like it (mainly for the titanium) and most of the functions are good enough for emergency use.  I recommend carrying a tool with you, whether it be this one or others, for emergencies, at least have something like this in your bag or glove compartment.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, visit the Big iDesign website


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