02 June 2016


Well that did not take long.  After a holiday weekend, they got right back on the phone.  Although, did did call me on the Saturday, in the the morning, on a three-day weekend.

2 June 2016
  424-320-8457  Los Angeles, CA - What do we have here?  Folks, I believe this is our first return caller of the year.  This is exciting.  Last call was nine days ago, on 24 May.  As usual, I did a quick search and conveniently Google remembered that I searched for this number.  Until the next time you call, fuck you!

  424-320-8457  Los Angeles, CA - Oh, you thought I was kidding when I wrote, "Until the next time you call, fuck you!"  Yep, you guessed it...they called again.  So, again I will say, fuck you!

For a good time, call 424-320-8457
3 June 2016
  310-849-0617  Beverly Hills, CA - Based on quick search, this is not a 100% confirmed telemarketer number.  So, that means it is just a 99% confirmed telemarketer number.  Most likely, the call has been routed through various ports until a 'local' number shows up on caller ID. But hey, three calls in two days.  I am guess they will take the weekend off and get right back to it on Monday.  Until then, fuck you!

4 June 2016
  No Caller ID - I guess we did not have to wait until Monday, another Saturday call.

June 2016 calls, so far
Hiding behind a "No Caller ID" is a sure guarantee that I will not pick up.  Good try with the local area code trick.  At least for a split second, that gets me thinking someone I might know is calling.  It would do the world a favour if all telemarketer calls came in as "No Caller ID", better yet, "telemarketer".  Fuck you!

6 June 2016
   323-315-9234  Los Angeles, CA - Looks link June is going to be a busy month for telemarketers. The fun part is, I get to post all these numbers.  The hard part is, I will need to come up with some witty comments as to not to bore you.  I mean, this comment seems like a total cop out, I hope future calls will generate better comments.  In honour of the 72nd Anniversary of D-Day, Duck you!

7 June 2016
  323-230-4526  Los Angeles, CA - Ah, let the games begin. It has been awhile since we have calls coming in almost everyday.  Could it be because it is an Olympic year?  Could it be because it is an election year?  This may or be helpful, but elections are held during Olympic years, which is every four years...Leap Years...and the years are divisible by four.  I know, totally random...yet so is the call...but, not this:  fuck you!

8 June 2016
  424-320-8457  Los Angeles, CA - Third call this month, and if you count last month, this is call number four.  I do not recall what the record was, but I think it was around ten calls from a specific number.   However, I do recall that the calls came from somewhere in the Northwest, it was either Washington or Oregon.  Whatever.  If these guys can do half the days in June, fifteen calls, I will be impressed and crown you the undisputed champs.  Fuck you!

11 June 2016
  209-849-9472 Unknown - Unknown?  Well, at least that was the way it was listed on my phone.  But, a quick search tells me that the call originated from Stockton area in Northern California.  I will say that the search did not wave any telemarketer flags, but we all know how 'innocent' numbers can easily turn out to be evil telemarketers.  Oh, and you skipped three days...fuck you!

13 June 2016
  310-849-9471  Unknown - Another 'unknown'.  By now, we all know that 310 is Los Angeles.  Here is something interesting.  Note the same prefix as previous caller from Stockton...and one number off in the suffix.  Seems to me that someone is generating fake numbers to hide behind.  There was one good thing about this call, my phone barley rang before the call was cut off.  Still counts as a call, though.  Fuck you!

16 June 2016
  323-609-6026  Los Angeles, CA - Yeah, everyone knows 323 is Los Angeles.  No need to try to hide that with an 'unknown'.  How exciting is it to have all the calls, so far, coming from California.

Here is some more area code trivia for you.  Back in the day rotary phones where all the rage...and not because of the hipster movement...but because that is all we had.  Area codes in large metropolitan areas had 'shorter' dialing...1's, 2', and 3'.  For example, New York-212, Los Angeles-213, Chicago-312.  Places like Hawaii got 808, 'longer' dialing area code.  Now, with keypads, it does not matter.

Until the next call, hopefully from California, fuck you!

20 June 2016
  323-576-3499  Los Angeles, CA - First day of Summer...first call of Summer.  It is going to be a hot day with record setting temperatures.  Why not start out the Summer with a call from a telemarketer...most likely a bot.  I hope your circuits fry in the heat.  Fuck you!

24 June 2016
  815-867-2491  Pontiac, IL - Illinois?  But, what happened to all the California calls?  Thanks, Pontiac, for ruining the streak.  Now, the Californians will have to start all over next month.  I hope you are happy.  Fuck you!


Tom said...

Hey, thanks for confirming that 323-315-9234 is a "fuck you" number. I have been expecting some calls from that presumably LA area code so I wonder, "could that be the important call I need to respond to because it means big money, etc.?" How do these fucktards know that I'm expecting a call from 323? We've got to put a stop to this! Thanks for all you do, 'Mode.

Unknown said...

I just received a call from this number...calling for "Tamara." Who? The fellow said "well, either one of you is fine." Then he launched into a pitch asking if disabled veterans can count on me for their support? Can we send you a small package so you can make a donation?" When I asked "who are you?" the telemarketer, a fellow with a Southern drawl, simply disconnected the call.