06 May 2016


The continuing trend is 'local' calls.  I do not have a witty intro, so let us just get to it.

5 May 2016
  310-849-5224  Beverly Hills. CA -  I have spoken to some friends about telemarketing calls.  Some are from another state and noticed that telemarketing calls were coming from his home area code.  So, this might be a new trend.  I, and I am sure most of you, simply do not pick up when we see a foreign number, like an out of area code number.  This is the great thing about caller ID.  

These telemarketers must think, 'hey, if we route our calls through some local number, may the phish will bite.'  Uh, no.  Unless there is a name on caller ID, I will not pick up.  Heck, depending on the name, I might just ignore that person, too. You know what I am talking about.  So, that trick is not going to work on me.  Besides, like I always say, if you really want to talk to me, leave a fucking message.  In other words, fuck you!

13 May 2016
  310-849-6392  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, an unidentified caller on Friday the 13th?  We know where this is going.  Fuck that noise, I am not picking up.  This is currently an 'unlisted' wireless number.  But, judging by last week's number, note the same area code and prefix, I am thinking this is another rerouted numbers.  It would have been better if the call was routed through Sussex County, New Jersey...what if they were calling me from Camp Crystal Lake.  How awesome would that be?  With my luck, the call would be coming from inside the house.  Fuck you!

24 May 2016
  424-320-8457  Los Angeles, CA - Lots of 'local' calls.  Still not going to pick up.

Fun little trivia.  About ten years ago the area code 310 was slowly 'losing numbers', most likely due to the increase of mobile phone numbers.  To combat this, the new area code 424 was introduced.  Prior to this new area code, the Los Angeles area had its residence dial the area code on out going local calls with the same area code.  Before this, only the prefix and suffix need only to be dialed if you had the same area code.  I will go into more area code trivia in future posts.

For now, I sign off with my usual...fuck you!

28 May 2016
   310-849-2630  Beverly Hills, CA - Really?  Who the fuck calls at 8:22 on a Saturday morning...on a three day holiday weekend?  Telemarketers, that is who.  Well, a quick search shows that this might be a legit number and a possible wrong number.  I am not taking that chance.  Based on the 'location' of previous calls, this is most likely your garden variety telemarketer.  Fuck you!

One of many 'missed calls'.


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