11 April 2016

Upgrade Engine Coming Soon

Last photo taken at drop off
Three and an half months ago, I dropped off the car at DMC-California.  Long story short, I need an engine replacement.  This is just an update, in case you have been wondering, "why no new DeLorean posts?"

The was dropped off in late December.  I was told they would be backed up until about February.  No big deal, as I am in no rush.  Better to take the time to work out the kinks, anyway.  Also, there may be others that have more urgent issues with their cars and I might get bumped.

So, here is the update.  They have taken out the old engine and are waiting for parts to arrive from DMC-Texas.  The folks at DMC-California will be installing a Stage II system.  This will give me a little more power than stock set up.

The car should be ready by early May.  Stay tuned.

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