08 April 2016

State Farm's "Never" Commercial - What Happens Next

This State Farm commercial has been on the air for a few months.  Go ahead, spend thirty seconds and watch it.  But, watch it until the end.

In case the commercial is taken down I will describe the spot, breaking it up scene by scene.  You can skip this part if you have seen it.

- Guy is hanging with his bros and states (see what I did there) that he is "never getting married".
- We see the guy purchasing an engagement ring.
- Guy is with wife, sitting in a plane, in front of a rowdy kid and states, "we are never having kids"
- Wife is in delivery room.
- Guy and family are in their big city luxury apartment and states, "we are never moving to the suburbs".
- They are in the suburbs, as a minivan drives by, the guy states, "we are never getting one of those"
- Guy is washing his minivan.
- Guy is cleaning up crayon marks on the wall of their suburban house.  As his wife passes by, he states, "we are never having another kid".  She responds with, "I'm pregnant".
- Guy is cuddling with his wife and two kids and states, "I'm never letting go".
- "For all the nevers in life, State Farm is there."

So, this commercial has been bothering me for months, as longs as it has been on air.  Why, you ask.

This is a good advertisement with one flaw.  The good, obviously, is, like a good neighbour, State Farm is there if/when things change in your life and adjustments need to be made to your insurance policy.  At least that is what I think happens based on their ad campaigns.

But, I want to see the next scene.  "I will never *blank*", then said *blank* happens.  Well..."I'm never letting go".  Much like how Rose said she was not letting go in Titanic...only to immediately let go of Jack then watch him sink to the depths of the Atlantic...I expect the guy to let go.  Yes, like a divorce or something.  The wife gets custody of the girls, he looses the house and the minivan, and he is back hanging with his bros again.

I am sure State Farm will be there for the guy (and you) if this happens.  Sadly, this kind of thing does happen.

We can see a series of commercials with this.  Imagine the guy sitting at a bar with his buddies and saying "I am never getting married, again". Then, we see him and his best bro sing You've Lost That Loving Feeling to a girl at the bar.  It starts all over.  Genius!

Maybe we see him with a new wife with step-kids.  Maybe the guy needs to deal with his kids' step father....college for the kids.  I mean, we have something here.  I really hope this is the first of a series by State Farm.

We could go really dark on this, too.  The above is just a 'normal' situation.  What if after "I'm never letting go", it gets all Dateline on everyone. Let your imagination run wild.  The guy goes to strip clubs, driving while intoxicated, embezzles from company, murder, robbery, has illegitimate child, etc. Too dark?

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