01 April 2016


Hey, it is April Fool's Day.  Only fitting that we start out the month with the ultimate fools...telemarketers.

1 April 2016
  213-814-4571  Los Angeles, CA - Okay, I admit it.  I just got back from holiday and after being trapped in a metal tube for about ten hours at 40,000 feet, I caught some form of virus from some dirty passenger.  I dud a search on this number and no ref flags.  Again, I could be patient zero on this.  Speaking of that, who was patient zero on the plane.  Who knows what kind of virus I have...especially having just been in a foreign country.  So, I am sick and I did not answer the phone.  Not like I was going to anyway...fuck you!

  310-849-7416  Beverly Hills, CA - What?  Two calls in less than an hour!  Must be some kind of April Fool's Day joke.  Fuck you!

Two calls in forty six minutes.
18 April 2016
  313-444-1018  Detroit, MI - Well, that is a huge gap.  It has been over two weeks since our last call.  Hey, wait.  I think this is the first call from Detroit, that is pretty exciting....and, I am over it.  Fuck you!

20 April 2016
  erma.benson@andevenmore.info - Ah, another phishy text message.  They did not even try to come up with a real name here..."Erma Benson"?  I do like the effort in "and even more", but it just screams scam.  Here is the text.

Not much more
So the body of the text is "interested" with a URL.  Interested in what?  Not like I texted "Erma" a picture of my cock, and now she is 'interested'.  Even if I did, I assure you, she would definitely not be interested.

Is she asking if I am interested?  Then, there should be a question mark, as in "hey, are you interested in this fine twat?"  Nope.

But, there is a URL.  Like any one in their right mind would click on this bullshit.  As you can see, I have three unread messages.  I am too lazy to click on those.  The only reason I clicked on this was to get a screen shot and check the rest of the fake email address.

Fuck you!

23 April 2016
  323-358-2900  Montebello, CA - Calls that come in on a Saturday morning are tricky.  They could be legit because one would think that even fucknut telemarketers have the weekend off.  This of course is not the case. Terrorist do not sleep.  Although, I have yet to receive a call in the middle of the night. Well, a lot can change.  Anyway, I have been to Montebello.  It is an okay place to drive by, but it seems it just got shittier thanks to telemarketers.  Fuck you!

 25 April 2016
  323-315-0755  Los Angeles, CA - So, are they turning it on this month in Southern California?  Granted there are not a lot of calls, but a lot of the calls are from the land that does not rain.  Monday calls get me kinda edgy, as I assume this is going to be one of those weeks.  Think about it, I got a call on Saturday morning. What is to stop them from calling me all week?  Well, nothing...not the the Do Not Call Registry...nothing.  So, fuck you!

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