06 January 2016

My Visit to Bremont Boutique - Mayfair

South Audley Street in Mayfair, London
While in London recently on holiday, I visited the two Bremont Boutiques.  The first stop was the Boutique at Royal Exchange.  The next day, I went to their first location on the West Side of the city in Mayfair.

Ready to enter
As expected, the Boutique is located in a pretty fancy area. Again, I was under dressed for the occasion.  While we were not greeted by a door man, you did need to be buzzed in by one of the staff.
Entire Bremont range on display

Bremont Mayfair showroom
The showroom about three times the size of the one in Royal Exchange, about the size of a three car garage.  No cars in here, but I believe at one point there was a hood of a Jaguar E-Type in the showroom (more on that later).

The lounge area
 The gentleman running the show is Cameron Pilkington.  As with Paul at Royal Exchange, Cameron and I had a nice chat about the company, watches, and the Boutique.  He showed my some Limited Edition watches from the Bremont range.

Kingsman Edition

Kingsman Stainless Steel, based on the ALT1-WT

Here is one of the three Special Edition Kingsman watches.  On a side note, I purchased the Kingsman: The Secret Service Blu-Ray based only on the knowledge that Bremont's were featured in the film.  Strapping on the Kingsman is the closest thing I can do to make me feel like a secret agent.
Jar of old watch parts
Bremont logo made with watch parts
They use old watch parts as decorative accents.  Among the decor, is a table with the Bremont propeller logo made with watch parts.  A wood table with the logo cut out and the cavity filled with old watch guts.  I want this table.  Beautiful piece!

Special Edition ALT1-C
Award for Watch Brand of the Year 2011
U-2 Range
Martin-Baker Range and the Red Ring

Remember I mentioned the Jaguar?  Cameron showed me the MKI, the Bremont and Jaguar collaboration.  Another thing of beauty.

Rotor mimics the Jaguar E-Type steering wheel
Dial mimics the E-Type gages
Bremont/Jaguar MKI
Obviously, I am not worthy of this watch.  If I owned a Jaguar, maybe.  But the way I see it,  as I am unqualified to own the Red Band MBI, I too am unqualified to own an MKI.  I think I am already breaking 'tax bracket rules' by owning a luxury watch.

Exploded display of the MBI
Currently looking to get my wrist in either an MBIII or ALT1-WT, but that is in the very distant future...unless I find a very good deal.

B-1 Marine Clock
The B-1 Marine Clock was on display in the lounge area of the Boutique.  The face and interior was painted by Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones.

Bremont Keychains
Since I was at one of the Bremont Boutiques, I wanted a memento. I was debating on whether to get a key chain or a strap.   Strap seemed more useful and a few weeks later I would win a key chain.


Display themed for the Codebreaker
I wanted to see the Codebreaker.   Unfortunately, these were long sold out.  Cameron showed me one more Limited Edition watch.  The Wright Flyer.

The Wright Flyer Limited Edition
A piece of from the original Wright Flyer on the rotor
Yeah, I tried it on
It does not look quite right on my wrist, as again, I am not worthy of suck a piece.  But boy, it is a beautiful piece.  The watch features a piece of the original Wright Flyer that Wilbur and Orville used to take the first flight.  Quite an honour to be in the presents of such a historical artifact.  Wow, just wow!
Employee exclusive Bremont pen, not for sale
The mysterious trunk
There was a trunk in the corner of the room.  I wondered what was in this mysterious trunk.  We were in  the Boutique for over an hour and saw customers come and go.  I noticed one customer was picking up a watch he purchased earlier, then noticed on of the associates open the mysterious trunk to grab a bag.  This is where they keep the bags and catalogs.

I wanted one of those bags.  The best way to get one of those bags was to purchase something.  Sure, I could have asked for one, but what is the fun in that.  Besides, if I was ever to buy something Bremont, this is one of four places in the world to do it.  I decided on the Seattle Strap.

Bremont Seattle Strap
I had a great time at Bremont Mayfair.  I want to thank Cameron for his hospitality and patience.

Cameron wearing an MBII, standing next to a Martin-Baker ejector seat
If you are in the London area, I recommend a visit to both the Bremont Boutiques.  For me, two Bremont Boutiques down, two to go.  Hong Kong and New York, I am coming for you.

Obligatory shot of my Bremont in front of Bremont
29 South Audley Street
London, W1K 2PE
+44 (0)207 493 5150

For more information, visit bremont.com

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