06 January 2016


New year, same shit.

6 January 2016 
   352-494-5363  Gainesville, FL - I am surprised it took them this long to call.  Three business days into the new year and finally, I get a call from the old telemarketing community.  Apparently, like you...even though I am on the Do Not Call Registry...it means nothing to these fucknuts.  Happy New year, and fuck you!

14 January 2016
   310-849-4765  Beverly Hills, CA - Not really sure if this is a telemarketer. Did a little search and it seems that this a a mobile number.  No links to any complaints of it being from a telemarketer.  So, if this happens to be a legit wrong number, my apologies. Then again, I could be Patient Zero in an elaborate telemarketing scam.  Either way, fuck you for calling me.

20 January 2016
   323-403-0014  Los Angeles, CA - What is with these calls from Southern California?  As if the region does not have enough douche bags and hipsters, now there seems to be an abundance of telemarketers.  Oh, I see.  All these hipsters and douche bags are unable to get real jobs so they got the douchiest and hipsteriest jobs.  Fuck you! Fuck those douche bags, and fucks those hipsters and their stupid ass moustache movement.  Get a job and a shave.

27 January 2016
   323-405-3142  Los Angeles, CA - Okay, now I know the above is a telemarketer.  At the very least, I think these are the same fuckers operating in the same area.  As if Los Angeles, cannot get any more fucked.  Thanks, assholes. Fuck you...in the asshole.

   310-849-9332  Beverly Hills, CA - This might be a wrong number.  I am unable to find any information on this number other than it is a 'mobile' number from AT&T.  Just to be safe, fuck you!

31 January 2016
   334-259-8893  Alabama - One more before the end of the month...and on a Sunday.  These fuckers do not take a day off.  Well, I am at work, too.  Oh, did I mention that this another fucking text message?  Fuck you, that cost me another twenty-five cents.

Ugh...I mean,UGG
Like I would be caught wearing these.  Actually, they do look kinda comfy.  If you want to scammed and maybe, just maybe, get a good deal...go ahead, I dare you to follow the link and enter your personal information.  Fuck you!

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