22 November 2015

Bremont Loot

Prizes from Alt1tude Forum
Remember that Halloween Competition I entered?  Well, I won!  Here are the prizes.
  • Bremont keychain with knurled orange barrel as seen on the Martin Baker range of watches.
  • Bremont polo shirt with embroidered logo on chest and sleeve
  • Bremont newsletter
During my visit to Bremont, I almost purchased one of these keychains and even asked about shirts.  They did not have any shirts and I did not get the keychain.  More on my visit later.  I guess it was a good thing I did not get those items then.  Winning free stuff is better than buying that same stuff.

Again, I would like to thank jwalker9 and everyone at Alt1tude for putting together the event. Special thanks to Mike Pearson and Bremont for providing the prizes for the competition. 

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