08 May 2015


Well, this did not take long.  Only a week since the last call.  So, we start the month with a call from our telemarketer friends.

8 May 2015
   310-598-3775  Beverly Hills, CA - I do not get that many calls from Beverly Hills.  Talk about way above my pay grade.   I really have no business there.  Come to think of it, telemarketers should have no business there.  This significantly lowers their property value.  If I were a citizen of such a high class community, I would be outraged.  Heck, as a citizen of the word, I am outraged that there is a market for telemarketers.  Fuck you!

12 May 2015
   509-982-4532  Odessa, WA - We have a return caller.  For those keeping track, this will be the sixth call from this number.  This dates back to October of 2014, February 2015, and March 2015.  So, welcome back and fuck you!

15 May 2015
   321-521-2132  FL, USA - Normally, I bitch about the call and the place of origin.  But, I noticed something about this number.  Check this out.  You have "321", then "521", and "2132".  Basically, it is a 3-2-1 sequence, repeated.  Area code being the base, with 321.  If we look at the line number, 2132, we have the 21 in the first half...and 32 in the second half.  Well, if you add 3 and 2, you get 5.  This brings us to the prefix of 521.  This is pretty amazing, but still, fuck you!

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