08 February 2015


It is a short month, but it does not mean these assholes are going to let up.  They have two less days days than the average month, any day and time is fair game.  Besides, they are a week behind.  Only three more weeks to harass me this month.

8 February 2015
  210-100-001 - TX, USA   This was a text message.  You know how I feel about text messages.  This shit just cost me twenty cents.  Like, what the fuck?  The 210 area code is in the San Antonio area, and no, I did not mess up typing in that number.  It was a six digit number. So, who would call me from Texas?  Actually, I know some people from Texas and there would be no reason for them to call me and there sure as shit would be no reason to fucking text me.  Oh, here is the text:

Text from 1 (210) 100-001
Let me break this down.  As mentioned, the 210 area code is in San Antonio.  I looked up "Chambers Construction", where apparently this message cam from, and they are located in Eugene, Oregon.  Now, what the fuck is a cowboy doing in hipsterville?  Oh, maybe they are building a new telemarketer office.

"Home alone, could you message me".  Uh...what?  Is this a stalker, waiting to kill me?  Or, could it be some sort of booty call?  Most likely the latter.  I looked up the number given, "434-922-1333". and it was reported that 'sexual text messages' were received from it.

So we have a text coming in from Texas, from a company located in Oregon, then a number from Virginia.  Oh, to add to this, I am in a totally different state.  Just how horny are you?  It could take half a day to get here and my boner pills are not supposed to last more than four hours.

20 February 2015
   928-638-4527 - AZ, USA   Hello, return caller.  Fuck you, return caller.

23 February 2015
   509-982-4532 - Odessa, WA   Ah, good old Odessa.  Oh yeah, this is another return caller.  You can go ahead an block this number.  Heck block all the numbers you see in this blog.  Me?  No, I keep it so I can let you all know when a telemarketer calls.  Fuck you, telemarketers!

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Martini said...

Lol buddy you get the weirdest ones. A local drug store faxed me at 3 am the other night. And when the faxes don't go through, they're set to auto-retry. That's a rude wake-up call. Had to unplug all our phones.