23 May 2015

Fixing Loose Clasp on Nike FuelBand

One day, I noticed that my Nike FuelBand was loose.  Yes, occasionally, I will bang on something or flex my massive wrist muscles and the band pops open.  Snapping it back in is routine for someone who wears the FuelBand all day and every day.  Well, this time, the clasp itself was detached from the band.  Normally, you would need the Sizing Tool to detach the clasp.  Snapping it in was not working.

Loose clasp of Nike FuelBand
The problem is the screw holding down the locking mechanism became loose.  Here is how to fix it.  You will need a really small #0 Philips screwdriver (or equivalent) and tweezers.  This is the part where people also list "a steady hand" and "patience" as additional tools.  Yeah, that helps.  But, if I can do this, those last tools are not that necessary.

Sizing Tool
Remove the clasp from the band.  If you are a hoarder or 'very organized', locate your Sizing Tool. You probably threw this away, so a paper clip or push pin will do.  Your clasp may have already detached from the band, so you are already one step ahead.

Loose screw
See that one screw?  That becomes loose over time and causes the mechanism to malfunction.  The quick fix is to just tighten down that screw.  But, you should clean the area and lock that screw down.  This is where the fun begins.  Remove the screw, be careful as there are some very small parts in there.  Oh, I am not sure if this voids any warranties, so do this at your own risk.  Besides, Nike does not make the FuelBand anymore, so I think it is okay.  Make sure you have a clean surface.  If you working in a hospital, use one of the operation rooms. 

Parts of the clasp mechanism
Look at those tiny parts.  Try not to breathe too hard or you will blow those parts off the table.  Maybe grab a mask while you are in that operating room.  Anyway, the parts from left to right:  o-ring, spring, latch, plate, screw.  You will want to clean these parts, since you there will no doubt be gunk deposits from you wearing it 24/7. 

This is the part where you will loose that tiny spring if you are not paying attention.  Join the club.  Luckily, you have spare parts, if you are a hoarder.  I will get to that later.  For now, let us assume you were careful in cleaning your parts...oh, clean the inside of the band, too.  On to putting it back together.

The o-ring goes in first.  That is the easy part.

Spring and latch
Okay, now the hard part...and another opportunity to loose that damn spring.  Tweezers are recommended for this operation.  I found the easiest way is to have the spring on the little tab of the latch.  Then, compress the spring against the base of the band while maneuvering the latch into place.   You may now breathe.  Once you get the latch in there, it is fairly secured in there from the pressure of the spring.  Still, be cautious.

Next, simply put the closing plate back on and secure it with the screw.  One note, do not over tighten the screw.  If you screw it down too tight, this will bind the mechanism and not allow the spring to engage the latch.  It is best to use some Loctite or some sort of screw lock.  A small drop of super glue can work, also.

As you tighten the screw, use a pin, or screwdriver, to test the spring and see if the latch returns to the lock position.  Once you found a spot, you are done
Fixed Nike FuelBand clasp
The clasp should have little to no play against the band.  There, you fixed it.

Extension Links
As mentioned earlier, you have spare parts if you happen to lose any of the small parts of the mechanism.  This is where keeping that box of parts for almost two years comes in handy.  Look for the extension links,  these have that same parts that you can use.  If you are already using these for extensions or have lost these...well, I guess you better find that spring or a replacement spring.

Good luck, and keep earning those FuelPoints!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed! Nike support didn't even have this info and since my fuelband is not under warranty, they could not offer me any solution or answer on how to repair this. I have shared this link with others. The pictures were really helpful too. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

So I did all these steps but it was till getting stuck BUT I got it to work! Here’s how. I recommend to do all the steps and get everything back together but before you put either the extension peice or end part compress the spring with the sizing tool and simultaneously insert the extension or end peice while still pressing the tool into the release hole and once it’s in let go and it should lock into place!!