15 April 2014

Replacement LED Bulb for Door Light Kit

Back in November, I installed an awesome LED kit for my door lights.  Everything was fine until about a month ago when I noticed that one of the bulbs was blinking.  I did not think much of it, since it seem to be working the next day.  Then, it was consistently blinking...something was wrong.

At first, I figured it was yet another electrical issue with the DeLorean. Typical.  I swapped out the LED unit with a few other ones to see if the socket was the issue.  I even plugged in my old LED bulbs and the stock incandescent bulb to make sure the sockets were okay.  Good news was the sockets are fine.  Bad news, I had a defective bulb.  What to do?

I contacted Tom at deloreana.com, and asked for a replacement bulb.  I offered to pay for the new bulb and any shipping and handling fees he would charge.  As part of great customer service, he shipped me a new bulb for free, since it was under warranty.  I did not know it was under warranty. He only ask that I send him the defective bulb so he can exam and debug it.

Today, I received my replacement bulb.  Again, it came in an awesome foam box.  Have I mentioned how much I love these boxes?

Replacement LED bulb from deloreana.com
I simply popped out the lens, pulled out the defective bulb, and replaced it with Tom's new bulb.  It works perfectly.  Now, I just need to pack up my old bulb and ship it back to Poland.  Kinda sad that I have to return that awesome box.

As a consumer, you always hope that manufacturers stand by their product and offer hassle free replacements if defective.  I have said that I look forward to Tom's future products.  This just confirms that I will definitely order from him again.  In fact, I have already pre-ordered a set of door struts from him.  Stay tuned for that.

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Martini said...

Super cool. Can't wait to hear about the door struts - I installed the self-damping ones from DMC Florida this winter.