01 April 2014


It seems that I have been getting text messages lately.  What sucks about these is, I really cannot ignore them.  Sure, I can chose not to read it.  But, since I do not have a texting plan, I get charged for it.  Which makes me less likely to buy what you are selling.  Yeah, I know I should keep up with the times and get a texting plan, but I am cheap.  Besides, if I want to communicate with you, if I am not lazy, I will call you or email, anything beyond that can wait.

1 April 2014
   sessakwnlj@hotmail.com - Yep, you guessed it, another texted spam.  A 'textamarketer', if you will.  Just like the text from a few days ago, this one come to us from those fuckheads at raybansshopz.com.  I did not even bother going to the site, you should not either.   If you really want some sunglasses, you know where to go to find them.  Well, that van be said about anything a telemarketer is selling.  If you need/want something, you will know where to find it.  Fuck these guys.

2 April 2014
   321-250-4593  Kissimmee, FL - Looks like it is going to be a long month.  But hey, there is some exciting news. Not the first call from Kissimmee, but the first call from the 321 area code of Kissimmee.  So, I applaud that from the penis state.  What other area codes do you have?  Oh, and fuck you!

8 April 2014
   321-402-9215  Kissimmee, FL - What the fuck is it with fucking Kissimmee?  A few years ago the hub of terrorists telemarketers was Washington.  Now, it is fucking Florida?  They have the Northwest and Southeast covered, it is a plague, devouring the country.  Fuck you, cancer telemarketers.

12 April 2014
   hechesmq@163.com - What is it with this need to liquidate sunglasses?  Here is a fucking text, trying to get me to buy more sunglasses.  Sorry, you just cost me twenty cents so I can no longer afford your sunglasses.  Maybe oakleysoutletstore.com and raybans100.net are legitimate sites, but I am sure as fuck that I am not going there to buy sunglasees.  Fuck you for texting me, I hope the sun burns out your retinas.

25 April 2014
  518-444-2217  NY, USA - Pretty exciting to get a new number.   Message to new guy in town:  No one cares what you are trying to sell.  Do everyone a favour and stop calling.  Better yet, just kill yourself.  Really.  The world would be better without you.  No one needs calls from telemarketers, no one.  Everyone hates you, just end your life.  Final tip, fuck off.

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