05 December 2013

Semi Broken Button on the Nike FuelBand

I have had my Nike FuelBand for about four months.  One day, while pushing the button, I heard a click.  It seems that the button broke.

The good news - It was not fully broken.  The button feels like it is dislodged from its place, but still connected and sort of works.

The bad news - I have to use a blunt object to press the button.  I have to hit it just right to engage the button.  The silicone area protecting the button is showing some wear from my finger nail poking at it, trying to get to the button.  Blunt object is working, for now.

Damaged button, silicone about to rip
I did some research, and this has happened to a few people.  Since I have the original black version I am unable to see how the button is broken under the silicone skin.  Nike has worked something out with some users, sometimes replacing the FuelBand.  This of course requires a sales receipt.  Unfortunately, I got mine off of eBay, so no real receipt.

Luckily for me (and I guess Nike, too), the new SE version that is 'better' built.  I ordered one for fear that my current band will soon completely fail.  I ordered it directly from Nike.  Hopefully, any problems I have with it will be be resolved as fast as my NikeFuel Points issue.

Check back for my review of the Nike FuelBand SE and possibly some experiments with my old FuelBand.

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