11 December 2013

Diffuser Lens for DeLorean Door Lights

Last month, I installed the Door Light Kit from deloreana.com.  Although I liked the tic-tac-toe pattern that was showing through the lenses, I wanted to see what it would look like with a diffuser lens.

Taking measurements for diffuser lens
I took measurements for the lenses.  There just happens to to be a recess in the stock lens where a diffuser lens can fit in.  Once I had the measurements, I drew it out in Illustrator and had the lenses cut using 0.090" acrylic on the laser cutter.

Six lenses cut from the laser cutter
The acrylic lenses fit perfectly into the stock lens.  They are also perfectly clear.  Off to the sand blaster.

Sandblasted lenses
We did not have any frosted lenses.  The next best thing is sand blasting clear acrylic.  Now, just pop out the stock lenses, snap the diffuser lens in, and pop them back in to the doors.

Diffuser lenses in
The tic-tac-toe pattern is gone.  There is a little hint of a hot spots where the LED's are but the results are acceptable.  The photo above is not the best.  I like the softer glow, I think I will stick with this look.

Tom at deloreana.com, offers lenses for $20 a set.  If you do not have access to a laser cutter or too lazy to make your own diffuser lenses, get a set from Tom when you order your LED Door Light Kit.

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Martini said...

Cool! I mean, hot! I also dislike those LED hotspots.