02 December 2013


I was on vacation for most of November.  As you have noticed, there was a big gap in telemarketing calls.  New month, new entry on the blog.  Here we go for December.

2 December 2013
   731-489-4058  TN, USA - I know this has nothing to do with telemarketing or Tennessee, but today is Britney Spears' birthday.  She is 32...feel old?  Back to the telemarketers.  Fuck you for ruining Britney's birthday.  Leave Britney alone!

4 December 2013
   310-879-0523  Gardena, CA - This was the best telemarketing call, ever.  One ring, and they hung up...as if they knew I was going to ignore them.  I am hoping that the person on the other end hates their job, as they should, and decided to meet his/her quota of calls, but just hang up after the first ring.  If that is the case, I applaud you.  But since you are still a telemarketer, fuck you!

7 December 2013
   919-218-1674  Raleigh, NC - I make a remark about Pearl Harbor and telemarketers, every time they call on this day.  I think it is more on an injustice to call on a Saturday.  Telemarketers have no respect for veterans and civilians.  Fuck you! 

9 December 2013
   310-879-0523 Gardena, CA - Second call from this number, see above.  This was 'legitimate missed call' by me.  I wonder if they hung up half way through the call.  Either way, fuck off.

14 December 2013
   213-200-1974  Los Angeles, CA - Oh hey, have you fucked yourself, lately?  Well, feel free to fuck off.

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19 December 2013
   321-632-4732  Cocoa, FL  - You know I am going to make some sort of cocoa joke.  Cocoa bean, cocoa butter, chocolate.  Oh, I got it.  Take some cocoa butter and lube up an ash tray shaped like Florida and shove it up your ass.  Put a few cocoa beans in there for good measure.  When you are done, take what comes out and make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Fuck you!

   240-318-1560  MD, USA - It has been a while since I had multiple calls in a day.  Also, I think these are new numbers.  Imagine, there are thousands of telemarketers using thousands of numbers to harass you and me.  How are these people still in business?  Fuck you!

21 December 2013  
   240-318-1560  MD, USA -  Oh, those lovely Saturday morning calls...and a return caller.  That is two strikes, need one more.  Oh, you are a fucking telemarketer.  There, three strikes...fuck off.

23 December 2013
  240-318-1560  MD, USA - Hold on...Maryland...possibly Washington DC.  Holy shit, this might be important.  Then again, it might just be a fucking telemarketer.  Just to be safe...fuck you!

26 December 2013
  414-232-5011  WI, USA - Glad the terrorists had a good Christmas.  One would never think that they would get Christmas Eve and Christmas off.    I bet they are the uncle/aunt that no one talks about.  The only time you call is to harass them...oh, which is why telemarketing is the perfect job for you.  Evey one, including those in your family, hate you...go fuck yourself.

27 December 2013  
   240-318-1560  MD, USA - Four calls in seven days, and four of those days were holidays or weekend days.  Oh, I forgot.  They called on a fucking Saturday.  Sorry I miss your call, call back tomorrow and I will do my best to ignore your sorry ass...then blog about it.  Because, that is what I do.  Only slightly more productive than your shitty job.  Fuck you!

   310-879-0523 Gardena, CA -  Third call from this number.  Gardena is pretty much the ghetto.  Upper middle class ghetto, but none the less, ghetto.  Having telemarketers in your ZIP code is not helping your property value.

28 December 2013
   240-318-1560  MD, USA - Make that five calls in eight days, and another Saturday call.  Fuck you into the New Year.

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