15 September 2013

Check Valve Installation For DeLorean

Edit:  Please read update at the end of post

Apparently, there is an issue with the new fuel pump (#10700) for the DeLorean that can cause a hot start problem.  This happened to me a few times and I had no idea what was going on. Now that I know what it is, I can get it fixed. Lucky for me, it is an easy fix.  All I have to do is get the parts and fix it

The good folks at DMCTalk have discussed this in depth.  The problem is a potential fail of the check valve in the pump system.  This causes lost of pressure in the fuel line during start up.  No fuel, no start.  The solution, install an inline fuel pressure repair kit.  I got this one from Amazon:

SUR&R Fuel Pressure Repair Kit
You will also need two hose clamps, which you can easily find at your local hardware store.  This was a simple project.  How simple?  It only took me about ten minutes to do it.  So fast and easy, I totally forgot to take photos during the process.  It took more time for me to clear the trunk and get to the fuel line. 

Basically, you cut the line leading to the engine and install the unit with the supplied fittings.  Secure the fittings with hose clamps.  The check valve is directional, so make sure that the arrow points with the flow of fuel.  That is it.

Fuel pressure repair kit in stalled.  It was that easy.
Then I noticed that the screws that hold various access panels were rusted.  Some had worn out heads, a few were missing.  I decided to replace all the screw with shiny new ones.

Look at all those rusty and worn out screws
Bag of new screws
I replaced 24 screws.  This took way longer than installing the check valve.

Look at my new screws
Only eight of these screws can be seen when my hood is open.  The other sixteen are covered by the bonnet liner and everything else I keep in there.  Now to put everything back in.  This includes the spare tire, Shock Tower Brace, Luggage Rack, Car Cover, and various tools.

Those new screws really pop
Wow, you can totally see the new screws in the picture above.  Maybe I should have painted them black before I screwed them in .

Hopefully, the installation of the check valve will solve any start up issues I may have.  Speaking of fuel, I need to fill up sometime in the next few days or I will have another fuel/start-up problem.

UPDATE, 29 September 2013

I got a message from a fellow DeLorean owner, Jeff (aka jmpdmc), this morning.  He informed me that I am using  the wrong kind of clamps.  I will be the first to admit that I know very little about cars, especially the internal working parts.  I am pretty good at changing light bulbs and making custom non-moving parts.

Anyway, after reading Jeff''s message, I immediately walked down to the local auto shop to pick up some proper fuel injector hose clamps.  Clamps that are made for the pressures of the fuel pump.

Regular hose clamp versus fuel injector hose clamp
So the process of getting to the check valve began.  One thing I noticed, when I removed the hose from the check valve, a little fuel leaked out.  It did not do that last time, confirming that there was a lost of pressure with the new fuel pump and with its internal check valve.  Gasoline smells kinda good, probably bad for one to inhale.  But once in a while, I like the smell.

New clamps installed
Swapping out the clamps was an easy procedure.  Again, this took very little time and simple enough even for me to do.  Plus, I got black ones so they look all stealthy...not like anyone is going to see this.  Although, I am glad that someone like Jeff saw my previous attempt and corrected my error.  So, thanks Jeff for pointing out my mistake.

Thanks to the DMCTalk community and special thanks to jmpdmc
Update #2, 27 October 2013

This is to answer Adam's question in the comments. 
How does the valve piece together? I bought one and could not for the life of me figure out how to attach the metal cylinder with the screw on top?
This is very easy.  Your check valve comes with two brass collars.  You will not need the nylon ones for this project.  I realize that the 'product picture' at the top of this post is slightly different from what I have installed, it should be the same process.  This is the way I did it. 

First unscrew the top and place one brass collar in the chamber.  Replace the top, hand tighten it.  The smooth end of the metal tube should slide right, stopping at the first ridge at about half and inch. 

Take two wrenches and tighten the top with the metal tube sticking out.  Make sure that the tube does not fall out.  Tighten it good.  There should be a point where it will bottom out.  Repeat that on the other side.

Once you cut your fuel hose, you just shove the unit bridging the hose.  Make sure direction of arrow is facing the correct way.  It may take a little effort to get the rubber hose past that first rib of the metal tube. That rib also helps with the clamps.

Hope that answers your question, Adam.  Thanks for stopping by, good luck with your project.


Martini said...

If you ever come to Ontario, will you replace all my interior trunk screws?

Adam said...

How does the valve piece together? I bought one and could not for the life of me figure out how to attach the metal cylinder with the screw on top?

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