24 April 2013

Quick Review of DeLorean Fuel Pump

This will be a quick review of the new DeLorean Fuel Pump/Sender Module (Part# 107000).  As stated in one of my previous posts, I have had this for about nine months before finally having it installed by DMC-California.  Well, I just went through the first tank of gas, so here are my first thoughts.

The pump is much quieter than the original fuel pump as it does not have that distinct hum.  While the sender unit lets the fuel gauge give you a better reading on your fuel level.  With the original unit, the level would fluctuate a quarter tank.  If the tank was at half, it could give a reading anywhere between three-quarters to a quarter, depending on if I was accelerating/braking or going up/down a hill.  The new unit takes a larger sample (around three minutes) of the tank before registering the fuel level.  Now, I know pretty much how much I have in the tank.

The DeLorean tank holds about 13.2 gallons.  This morning, the fuel light went on.  Usually, this means I have about 4-5 gallons left with the old unit, as I fill up about 8-9 gallons.  That gives me a safe amount of time to drive around before I refuel. Well, as I filled up this evening, I put in 12.938 gallons.  That is way too close to the 13.2 mark.  I would hope that a low fuel warning light would give me at least a gallon or two of cushion, I had less than a liter.  Maybe the pump I was using was not calibrated, in which case I got screwed a few dollars.

Anyway, this is my first tank with the new fuel pump and sender module.  I really have to be careful and watch my odometer until I figure out the readings I get.  The good news is, it seems that the fuel gauge gives off a better reading.  When the light came on, the needle was reading at about 97% empty, which is about how much gas I need to top off.

I will update this as I fill up a second time to see if this is an issue.

Update:  Looks like the fuel light goes on when there is about half a gallon left. Today, I filled up with 12.468 gallons, about 95% empty.  That half gallon or so will not get me anywhere.  So, when that light goes on , I really need to find a gas station, immediately.  I need to find  a way to adjust this somehow so the light goes on when I am about 85-90% empty. 

It also seems that I am getting a little better gas mileage than before.  I may or may not have something to do with the new pump.  At least I know about how far I can travel before I need to start looking for a place to fill up.  Longer trips are now a bit 'safer' with this knowledge. 


Martini said...

Three minutes of info gathering? Interesting. I didn't know how that worked. Mine doesn't fluctuate too badly on flat ground, but heading uphill my display has gone from a hair under half to below 0. Scary when not paying attention and you sudddenly see 0.

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