05 September 2013

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2013

Not suppose to wear white after Labour Day?  I propose a new tradition, not fucking calling me after Labour Day...or any time, ever!  School is back in session, so the summer interns are gone.  Now, the 'professionals' are doing the calling.  Professional...pfft...fuck you and your so called profession. 

5 September 2013
   407-935-5621 Kissimmee, FL -  Kissimmee?  How about Kiss-a-my-ass?  Fuck you!

11 September 2013
   281-386-2880  Houston, TX - Really...on September 11?  Have you no respect?  Obviously, not.  Fuck you, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  By the way, I have received calls from same area code and prefix.

So, I got this comment from "Anonymous":
dude...why the anger. I received the call...didn't answer and done. Move on man...better things to concern yourself with than a telemarketer....don't pick up the phone if you don't know the number and move on...BREATHE....exhale... 
Not even making it up.  Go ahead, check it.  Obviously, from a fan of telemarketing.  Perhaps even a telemarketer him/herself.  Now, I could ignore the comment, but it is way more fun to call this person out.  I realize I am opening a can a worms here, oh well.

dude...why the anger.  So, you like to be harassed by telemarketers?   

I received the call...didn't answer and done.  That is the point, many people received the call...and many do not answer.  Yet, they keep on calling.   

Move on man...better things to concern yourself with than a telemarketer....   'Move on', you say?  'Better things to concern yourself with', you say.  Well then, how the fuck did you find this site?  Instead of 'moving on', you looked up one of the numbers I listed and it lead you here.  You were curious about 'concerned' about a number - a telemarketing number - and it bothered you.  Perhaps even angered you.  Angered enough to seek out more information on said number.  Further more, your emotions lead to write a snarky comment.  So, I urge you to take your own advice and 'move on'.  Or, you can do that thousands of others do, and enjoy my rants for what they are.  Entertainment.

don't pick up the phone if you don't know the number and move on...  For the record, I rarely answer calls from people I know.  What makes you think I pick up unknown numbers?

BREATHE....exhale...  Do not forget to inhale.

By the way, thanks for commenting.  Feel free to stop by the next time you get a telemarketer call and leave another comment...after you have moved on.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled telemarketing calls.

16 September 2013
   918-866-7810  Sparks, OK - Another call from Spaks, Oklahoma.  This is the fourth call from the same number.  Since July, I have gotten a call from Sparks, about every twenty days.  It could be random, or there could be a pattern.  We will check back in early October to see if there is a pattern.  Until then, they guys can just fuck off.

21 September 2013
   310-356-0420  El Segundo, CA -  Just before I got the call, I walked into the library and turned off my phone, as to no disturb anyone.  Then, my phone buzzes and these mother fuckers are calling.  Sorry, I am at a library...on a fucking Saturday.  I suspected that the number was from a terrorist group...uh, I mean telemarketer.  When I looked up the number, one of the results lead me back to my site.  Yes, a return caller.  So, fuck you for calling on a Saturday.  Fuck you for almost disrupting every in the library.  And, just fuck you, in general.   

23 September 2013
   616-980-2164 MI, USA - Return caller from three weeks ago.  We can deduct that my number is on a three week rotation in Michigan.  Fuck Michigan.

   310-356-0420  El Segundo, CA -  Call number four from this number.   Even better, this call came ten minutes after the call above.  Only tem minutes.  Some one asked, "What happened to the national do not call list?. .. Fucking crock of shit!"  Yes, the Do Not Call Registery is a crock of shit.  I have given up on them.  I no longer take the time to report these numbers.  I do all my 'reporting' here, in this blog.  Believe me, I get better results from bitching about telemarketers here, than I ever will from the Registery.  Oh, and fuck you!

Calls that are ten minutes apart, and return caller.

27 September 2013
   407-722-3991  Orlando, FL - Orlando, Florida!  Do you think Mickey, Donald, or Goofy would be calling me?  I have been to Orlando twice and both times, I did not go to any Disney Parks.  Maybe Micjey and gand are calling me to invite me over.  Alas, it is just a telemarketer.  No one wins in this scenario...espeically the telemarketers.  They are always losers.

   407-722-3991  Orlando, FL - What, twice in one day?  Perhaps it is Mickey trying to contact me.  If only he just simply left a message.  Oh yeah, spineless bitches, like telemarketers, do not leave messages.  They are not even real people.  Besides the fact that most are usually robot callers, they are still not real people.  So, feel free to treat them like shit.

   281-386-2880  Houston, TX - Oh, remember these fuck nuggets?  Return callers are fun.   Sometimes, I will recognize the number and it is a small victory for me.  I already know that an unrecognized number is most likely from some fucking telemarketer.  But, when it is a number I can confidently say, " this cock lick is a return caller", that is a victory.  Bam, I win and fuck you!

28 September 2013
   407-722-3991  Orlando, FL - Calling on a Saturday..and three times in two days.  Look smooth brain, I am not going to pick up.  No one is going to pick up.  Save yourself the effort and stop calling.  You are in Orlando, go to one of the theme parks.  Better yet, go fuck yourself.

30 Sepetember 2013
   407-722-3991  Orlando, FL - Do you think these guys are trying to get a hold f me?  I know this may sound like total witchcraft, but if the person you are trying to call does not pick up, you can leave a message.  Like one of those answering machines.  Maybe leave a message or something.  I stll will not call back, but it is worth a try.  So far, four calls in four days.  Too bad the month is coming to an end.  Perhaps, you can rack up calls for next month.  Until tomorrow, fuck off.


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. Exact same numbers and pretty spot on for the dates they called. The Kissimmee number says it has been disconnected. The Houston number says the voice mail has not been set up. I saw on another site the Houston number is about free cruises.

Anonymous said...

dude...why the anger. I received the call...didn't answer and done. Move on man...better things to concern yourself with than a telemarketer....don't pick up the phone if you don't know the number and move on...BREATHE....exhale...

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your info on these numbers. I rarely pick up when I don't recognize the number and I love it that I can input the number on google and find out which numbers I don't need to worry myself with. If I actually missed an important call. I never listen to the 3 million voicemails I get daily. Dont have time for that nonsense..so if someone doesn't text me a message..I don't get it and I'm just left with missed call numbers. So thanks again for taking the time to warn others :-)

Anonymous said...

I called it back and it said the voicemail has not been setup