11 April 2013

Quick Meal For the Lazy

I got lazy the other day...well, I am pretty much lazy everyday...did not know what to make for dinner.  Looked around and found some stuff and came up with a quick meal for the lazy.  Yes, I know this is nothing revolutionary.  I have had this for dinner for the past four nights, and possibly a fifth if I have enough ingredients left over.  Yes, lazy.

The simple ingredients to the my lazy meal.
Let me start with the ingredients.  These are simple things that you can pick up at your local grocery store or general store (like Target, I love Target).
  • 100% Whole wheat tortilla - suppose to be healthier than corn or white flour tortillas.  I just like whole wheat, never really liked whitey.  You chose what you like.
  • Cheese - Speaking of whitey, I prefer white cheese over yellow cheese.  I offset the healthy whole wheat with not as healthy cheese.  I like Italian Style (I will even write it in Italics) because it has a blend on cheeses that I like.  This blend includes:  Mozzarella, Provolone, White Cheddar, Romano, and Asiago.
  • Kale - Leafy dark green vegetables are good for your.  Kale is one of those 'power' veggies high in vitamins like lutein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, beta carotene.  Some benefits of kale, lowers cholesterol, blocks cancer growth, and other good stuff that I sure you can look up on Google.
  • Spinach - High in iron, and a whole bunch of vitamins.  No need to check Google...if it is good enough for Popeye, you know it is good stuff.
Seasoning for the lazy
You will want some seasoning to go with it.  My go to season are the three pictured above.  Dried basil, crushed chilis, and Creole seasoning.  Again, you go with what you like, I found that the trio above works with almost everything I eat.

Okay, now that we have are basic ingredients.  Time to 'cook'.

Fine layer of cheese on tortilla
I like to heat both sides of the tortilla.  I have convinced myself that this makes the cheese melt faster.  Heat at a medium to medium low temperature, depending on your cookware and stove...oh, and altitude.  Come on, you know how to heat up a tortilla with cheese.  Please tell me you did not come here to get cooking tips.

When cheese melts to about this point, it is ready.
Add your seasoning.  I like to take a pinch and sprinkle it over for even distribution.  It also looks cool when they sprinkle seasoning on TV.  No one is watching you (or me) but it still looks cool, so sprinkle away.  Once the cheese is melted (see photo above), remove from heat, I suggest transferring your creation to a plate. 

One handful of kale

One handful of spinach
Add your veggies.  I take a handful of one of the greens and place it along the center line on the tortilla, leaving exposed cheese tabs.  Then add another handful of greens.  Hey, you can add whatever you want.  For me, two handfuls equals one kale and one spinach.  My way is better, but you do what you think is good.

Tuck and fold
Do I really need to explain the wrapping procedure?  Tuck veggie and fold the tortilla. Good thing you transferred it to a plate.  Otherwise, you would burn yourself if it was still on your skillet.  Now, just roll it up like a yoga mat.  The cheese tab will meet up with the tortilla and should stick, giving you a tube of green.  Tube of green goes in, tube of green will come out later.

It should look like this
Pro tip:  Let it rest on the cheese flap a few seconds.  Go get yourself a drink from the fridge or something.  As the cheese cools, it will form an inseparable bond. 

Well, there you go.  Prep time, about two minutes.  Cook time, about four minutes.  Total time, about six minutes.  Took me about a hour to write this up.

A simple, filling meal for the lazy.  Enjoy.

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