08 April 2013


While the calls are not as frequent as before, I am still getting them.  I am sure you are too.  It is like paying taxes...see how I work in current events?...there is no way to avoid telemarketers.  If you have a phone, you are going to get harassed by these spineless fucks.

8 April 2013
   571-980-0791  VA, USA  For some reason I thought I recognized this number.  But, this is a new number.  You know, standard telemarketers shit.  This one is selling the same old credit card service to lower my bills.  Credit card?  My dealer only takes cash and sexual favours.  Speaking of sexual favours, go fuck yourself!

12 April 2013
   321-935-4737  FL, USA  Oh, you mother fuckers.  Spring has sprung and these fucking terrorists are back in business.  Be prepared for a wave of calls in the upcoming months.  Fuck you!

16 April 2013
   321-935-4737  FL, USA  What do we have here?   A repeat caller.  This could get interesting in the upcoming months.  Florida has potential, but can they take down Washington and Oregon?  Stay tuned...or should I say, stay on the line.  Oh by the way, fuck you!

17 April 2013
   347-714-1869  NY, USA  So it begins. If you are like me, your number has been distributed to many telemarketing firms.  Four calls from three different number in two week.  Of course, this is nothing.  Just wait until school gets out and people need summer jobs.  Fuck you!

   615-774-1938  TN, USA  What did I tell you?  Less than thirty minutes since the last call.  This could get interesting, and by that, I mean, this is fucking annoying.  Fuck you!

20 April 2013
   323-440-6809  Los Angeles, CA  Oh, a text. Body of text:  we should talk on we-just.com
I have a better idea, how about I shove a boot at up your ass dot com?  Fuck you, you owe me twenty cents...maybe we should talk about that.

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