26 February 2013

Heaven Singles Arrived

Depeche Mode - Heaven
We are a month away from the release of Depeche Mode's thriteenth album.  I just received my CD singles of Heaven.  I had ordered these over a month ago, the single was release on 25 January.  Why did it take a month for me to get them?  Because I ordered these from Germany.  I get imports of all my Depeche Mode music.  Funny thing is, I cannot tell they are 'imports'.   I may have paid import prices and they just sent me something from North America. 

The album Delta Machine is already on order from the UK, so I will get that much later than the release date.  Good thing I have it pre-ordered on iTunes, and it will automatically download to my iPhone. 

“Heaven” CD SINGLE:

1 - Heaven
2 - All That’s Mine (b side bonus track)
“Heaven” CD MAXI:

1 - Heaven
2 - Heaven (Owlle Remix)
3 - Heaven (steps to heaven rmx)
4 - Heaven (Blawan Remix)
5 - Heaven (Mathew Dear vs Audion Remix)

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