28 July 2012

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

LEGO Batman 2:  DC Super Heroes
After the disappointment of LEGO Harry Potter:  Years 5-7, LEGO Batman 2 does not disappoint.  This is a great game.  If you liked the first LEGO Batman game, you will love this one. 9/10

As the title suggest, this game features major DC Comics' characters.  Making their LEGO debut is Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, etc.  For the first time ever in a LEGO game, the characters talk.  This happens only in the cinematic sequences, not during game play.  A nice addition, since I do not like to read.  Seriously, if I wanted to read, I would pick up a book.

Speaking of sound, this game features Danny Elfman's Batman score, or at least a modified version.

Game play is what you would expect from a LEGO title.  There is more a sense of 'teamwork' in this title as you often need multiple characters to complete a task.  One feature they added is the ability to swap  your entire cast of characters while in the game.  In Free Play, you have your eight characters.  Often times the character you need is not in your eight.  In older games, you had to chose your characters and you were stuck with them.  If you needed a special ability, you would either know to select before game play...or replay the level from the beginning with the 'correct' character.

I am playing this on the Nintendo DS, which is usually limited in graphics and some game play.  So, any other format would even be better and worth playing.  This game is definitely worth a repeat play.

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