11 July 2012

Fuel Pump/Sender Module

Last month, I was in Orlando for the DeLorean Car Show.  One of the 'events' they had was the raffle.  No, not the car raffle...they had that, too.  Just a regular raffle for prizes.  You know, things like DVD's, prints, apparel, various gift items, memorabilia, etc....oh, and car parts.  Tickets were twenty dollars for forty tickets.  I figured, why not?

The prizes were not revealed until just before the ticket was drawn.  There were some great prizes, some worth up wards of $150+, like the Shock Tower Bar.  With every prize, winners were also given a Jeggs hat and stickers.  I like stickers.

The items were donated by various attendees and vendors, including DMC-Florida.  As you know, I have at least one part on my car from every DMC vendor, except Florida.  So, I really wanted to win some parts.

My number was drawn and I won a DVD.  Meh, not bad, basically got my $20 back.  Not that is matters, but John DeLorean's grandson presented me the prize.  As other items went up, I got anxious as I wanted some of the items. 

Another one of my numbers was called.  This time Donald Fullilove, better known as Goldie Wilson, gave me my price.  I like the sound of that.  The item?  A shifter boot.

Shifter Boot
Awesome!  I finally got my part from DMC-Florida.  The 'missing' part for my car.  Did I mention that I have an automatic?  This item, out of all the items that were up for raffle and nicely made, is totally useless to me.  I guess I could sell it to someone at the convention.  Or, I could just keep it in the car and say I have a part from each DMC vendor.  Luckily, Tony Ierardi, President of DMC-Florida, said I could just exchange it.  I would just need to return it and get the full value as credit for anything in his shop. I basically got the shift boot for free, now I have about $88 credit.

I decided to go with the new Fuel Pump/Sender Module.  At $399, it was a lot to just throw down.  But with the credit and a chance to get a part from DMC-Florida, I went for it. 

New Fuel Pump/Sender Module
I sent in the shifter boot, paid the difference, and got my fuel pump.  All I need to do is install it.  I think I am going to take it down to DMC-Californa and let Don and Danny handle this one.  Messing with the fuel tank might not be a good idea for someone who takes two hours to fix a window switch.  There is a lot of safety precautions that my garage is not equipped to deal with.  You know, things like a flammable substance getting all over the place.  It may be a while before I take it down to Garden Grove and have this thing installed.  The original unit I have is working fine, so I can wait.  Plus, I have done so much to my car this year, al beit mostly minor projects.

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