20 May 2012

How To Fold Target Bags

I go to Target a lot.  I mean, a lot...about once a week, sometimes a few in one day.  One can easily walk out of Target with an average of five bags.  Sometimes, on a good run, I can walk...cart out 10-15 Target bags.

These bags are very useful.  Generally, people are re-use them as trash bags.  There are other uses, of course.  One thing I used to do is make tank tops out of grocery bags.  Basically, you cut out the bottom and just slip it over your head.  I know, totally stupid.  But, when I was in college and had to work on messy projects, it made a great protective barrier between your favourite shirt and toxic chemicals.  Also, it was fun to just rip off  the tank top like a wrestling champion.

Pretty sure I have hundreds of bags, I will never need to buy trash bags, as long as I just keep buying stuff from Target.  So, the problem is, what do you do with all these bags?   A few years ago, while still in college, I lived in a very small studio apartment.  This means I had very little space, and with all the junk I had around the place, I needed a way to store these bags.  This is what I came up with, a way to fold and store these bags.

This is what I do in my spare time...I have no life.
For me, this was the best way to keep all my bags organized.  If you suffer from over shopping, this may be a solution to all those bags in your pantry.

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