22 February 2012

My Car Is In A Movie

Spork movie poster
Remember way back when I said that my car was used in a movie shoot?  Well, it was.  Obviously, this happened before I purchased the car, but I found the movie.  Spork happens to be streaming on NetFlix, so I watched it to see if the car made the cut.  I have saved you the trouble of watching the movie and screen captured the scenes that my car is in.

At about the 00:06:00 mark
You can tell that they had the car for one day as the shots are all about the same.  Also, Danny at DMC-California told me he was up there with the car for a day for the shoot.  At about six minutes, you can clearly see the car paked in front of the trailer.  The car belongs to the lead character's brother.

At 00:38:51
Around the thrity eight minute mark, the brother and his friend are working on the car.  There are close up shots of them tinkering with the engine.  There is a close up shot of is, but you really cannot tell that it is a DeLorean that they are working on.  Unless, of course, you know what to look for.  You can see the recognizable DeLorean engine cover propped up.  Then, you see the wide shot above.  Looks like it was shot earlier in the day compared to the first on screen appearance.  There are some close up shots of the characters exchangin dialog, then at forty mintues in you see it one more time.

At 00:40:14
So, that is it.  Not much screen time, but enough to say that I have a DeLorean from a movie.  I admit that I do not have any real proof that that is my car.  It looks like 90% of all the DeLoreans out there.  Accoring to Danny, my car was used for a movie shoot and this was the movie...and there it is.  Again, feel free to check out the movie, but I pretty much gave you the best parts. 

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