08 February 2012

I Cannot, And Will Not, Hear Verizon

Update on the Verizon situtaion.  I got fed up and dumped them like a prom date, and switching to Time Warner.  I hope they do not disappoint me.  If they do, you will be the first to hear about it.

I called a few more times to see if I could get another 'technician' to help out.  The automated line told me the problem was fixed.  And, you know how these automated things work, "your problem has been fixed, is there something else I can help you with?"   Uh, the problem is NOT fixed...otherwise I would not be calling you.  Oh wait, you can help me...you can help me by cancelling my account. 

I love how customer service tries to please you when you are about to drop them.  The guy on the other end was trying hard to keep me as a customer.  He offered compensation and upgrades to my service.  While it sounded good, but I was tired of Verizon's crappy customer service.  Where was this 'service' a few days ago?  What, I am not a premium member?  How about, I am not a member at all.

I will be out of internet service for a few days.  Funny, that they offered to compensate me for my time and by getting me set up with some kind of service.  Oh really?  What about the extra $14.99 a month, or the one time $39.99 charge to fix the line?

Here is a tip.  If a customer is loyal to you for years, waive the fee to fix things.  Actually, do not add a fee to fix things.  Like I said, things were fixed with a phone call...until this crap about 'premium members' came up, and now there is a fee.  What?  Am I the only one here that sees this as a stupid move.  I am no business man, but this is just stupid business practice.

Well, you lost a customer...granted, not a premium customer.

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