09 March 2011

Titanium is 22 on the Periodic Table of Elements

Twenty two weeks of having titanium screwed into my bone.  Pretty awesome!

It says Titanium, but looks like wood to me.

Last night I got a comment on here...yeah, someone else actually reads this.  How she found this place, I have no idea.  Anyways health food soul recently had surgery to repair a broken wrist.  Same wrist and pretty much the same break and hardware was installed. She has one more screw at the top of her implant...but I have a slightly larger plate.  I think we have about the same amount of titanium in mounted to our left radius.  I have a new Titianium Friend!

She broke her wrist whilst snowboarding, I did it while playing roller hockey.  Funny, her sports injury is based on the streets and brought to the cold...while my sports injury is based in the cold and brought to the streets. You can read her 'how it happened' right HERE.  She also has a great blog about Bone Food.  Wish I knew some of that stuff about twenty weeks ago.

Oh, you can see her post about her surgery and cool hardware HERE.  She has great X-rays of her hardware.  I wonder if she just has a great camera, or she actually has the physical X-rays.  Maybe I should ask the doctor for copies of mine.  They are $15 a copy, so I just took pictures.

HealthFoodSoul, if you are reading this, I wish you a speedy recovery.  I will be checking for updates on your blog...I want to see some scar pictures.

If you want to experience my surgery, you can start here.

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