13 March 2011

Set Phasers to Stun...and Clocks Forward

Why are we still doing this?  I have not worn a watch since October.  No, wait.  I did wear one on my right wrist while on vacation.  You kinda need to be on time when planes, buses, and boats leave.  Why have I not worn a watch, you ask? Well, there was that little incident that made it a little difficult to put on a watch.  The bracelet style bands were set to normal human wrist sizes and the buckle style bands barely fit around my swollen wrist.  Yeah, that is how big my wrist got, the left (injured) wrist still looks a little bigger than the right.

Ah, but you say the bone has been healed for a few weeks now, everything should be good to go.  Yes, the bone is healed and the wrist is back to normal human size.  But one day, I went to put on my favourite watch...also titanium...and I noticed that since I have not worn it in so long, it was still on Daylight Savings Time. 

Am I that lazy to not wear a watch, because I am too lazy to set my watches to the right time, knowing that in a month or two I would have to set them all back (or forward in this case), and rather wait until today to start wearing watches again?  Yes, I am that lazy.  Also, a watch might get in the way of wrist exercises I do.  Another reason, it hides the cool scar I have.

Now that we have to set our clocks and watches, again.  I guess I can start wearing them.

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Anonymous said...

My laziness is one of the reasons I stopped wearing a watch too. Power to the lazy people!