23 October 2010

Broken, Fractured...and Dislocated - Part IV

With the dislocated wrist popped back in, the next step was to see a specialist.  The breakage in the bone was not lining up easily.  It could possibly slip or shift if not set right and may require surgery, that is where the specialist comes in.  We got out of the ER around 7:30.  Hey, just in time for work.

Needless to say, I went home to get some rest.  An appointment was set up in the afternoon at Kerlan-Jobe, these guys are the shit when it comes to sports injuries.  They work with all the major sports teams in the area.  Heck, on their site, they list the Kings, Ducks, Dodgers, Angels, and Lakers as their clients.  Uh, wait...what about the Clippers?  Yeah, they do not get any love from these guys either.

So, another trip to the x-ray room.  This is the fourth time I have had x-rays in the past 12 hours...I am pretty much considered radioactive by now.  Dr. Steven Shin is my doctor, he is a hand and arm specialist.  We take a look at the x-rays and for the first time I look at the damage I had done.  Dr. Shin said I "did a number on this one", not only was it broken...I had multiple fractures.  Hmm, did not know about the fractures.  This is when I realized that I had an "injury hat trick".  Broken, fractured, and dislocated.  See, when you wait this long in life to break a bone, you gotta go all out.

I was informed that I would need surgery and that a plate would be put in to secure and brace the bone.  I asked if said plate was going to be titanium.  When Dr. Shin said yes, that actually got me excited.  You know I love the titanium.  The thought of having a piece of titanium fused to my bones is just awesome!  Only thing that could have been better was adamantium...and maybe get some claws installed.

Surgery would have to wait a week.  The swelling in my arm has to go down first.  For those of you keeping track, this is still Wednesday, 6 October, about 3:00PM.  I was prescribed some pain killers and given pre-operation instructions.  Until the following Tuesday, 12 October, I am just sitting at home and checking email and posting random thoughts.

Oh, apparently when the people at work found out about me being sidelined for a while, there was mass hysteria as they tried to find people to cover for me.  That kinda makes one feel a little better about one's job when they set up an 'emergency meeting' so deadlines can be met.  Yep, that is job security.  I should be safe for now...also helps when I am the only one in the company that does what I do...and I am fucking awesome!


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