15 October 2010

Broken, Fractured...and Dislocated Part II

Our first stop was at urgent care.  Yeah, I said first stop.  This is located about four miles from the rink, just north of the airport.  I have taken two classmates there while I was at Otis.  They do good stitches there...but that is about it.  The only thing they could do was take x-rays of my wrist.

I love how the receptionist questioned me on whether or not there was a break.  Hello!  Arm going this way, hand going that way...I think this is more than a little sprain, bitch.  Ah, health care...gotta love it.  We were told that they do not have the facility to do anything, and I would have to go to another a real hospital for treatment.  We should have left right then.  But, they can do x-rays.  Heck, we were there, it is almost 1AM, why the hell not.  Take some x-rays for facebook.

Before they could snap the Superman photos, I had to remove my elbow pad, which was helping in keeping my arm up.  The nurse also had to cut my slashguard, there goes ten bucks.  Once the gear was removed, you could clearly see that there was a problem.

Taking the x-rays was a little uncomfortable painful.  I had to hold my arm in various positions, and my hand was sorta flopping around.  Hey, did you know that (at least for guys) they place a lead apron over your crotchial region. I think this is to prevent radioactive balls.  I guess it would suck if I ended up having a glowing sack...but the potential of radioactive super powers is interesting.

After reviewing my x-rays, the doctor informed me that I had a break and a dislocation.  At the time, I though it was just a break.  I opted not to see my x-rays, he gave us a disc and referred us to another hospital.   My adrenaline was beginning to wear off, so the nurse gave me a shot of pain killer...in the butt.

So, we are off to the ER...


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