13 June 2010

I Killed A Bird

While riding this morning, I killed a bird. There was a group of us and we were just picking up speed, going down a hill. I noticed a bird, looked like a hawk, bombing down. It was coming in from my left. The bird looked like it would just land short of my line. But, it just kept gliding. Either the bird did not see that there was an obstruction or just could no change course, it just wanted to land right then and there.

For a second, I thought it would make it under my bike. That would have been one heck of a landing. I felt a bump. Not a 'hard bump', but a 'soft bump'. Unfortunately, I hit him with my back tire and I guess a bit with my left crank arm. In the picture above, you can see feathers on one of my spokes, on the crank arm, and a little on the chainstay.

The rider behind me saw my tire hit the bird and said that it was laid out. I did not get a chance to look back as I was going kinda fast and picking up speed. Poor bird, I think it committed suicide.

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Anonymous said...

A cat once ran under my car while I was driving. Suicide. Definitely.