13 August 2009

Shrimp Tails

I admit, I am a picky eater. I do not eat meat, expect seafood, not because of moral or health reasons...I just do not like the taste of it. If I see any meat in my food, I will most likely reject it. In restaurants, I have asked them to remake or take it back. If there is little meat chunks, sometimes I will sit there and pick out every-damn-piece of it.

Not sure why every sentence in that paragraph started with a word beginning with "I".

When I am at a restaurant, I try to be civil. I use the utensils, napkin, and exercise table manners. Now, I understand that at a decent eatery, there is an image they are trying to represent. They do not want people running around, wiping their hands/mouth on table cloth (I do that all the time), and they frown upon people using their hands. I am talking about regular restaurants...not those 'fancy' Renaissance places.

So why...why do they leave the tail on shrimp? Many times I have sat there and fish out (like that?) every shrimp in my dish and take out each tail. Yes, using my hands. There is no way to do it with the tools on the table. Believe me, I have tried. Now, my hands are dirty. I wipe my hands on the napkin...now the napkin is dirty. This is why I sometimes use the table cloth.

You may think that it shows that the cook is 'high class'...WRONG! It shows that the cook is lazy in his/her preparation and a food waster. Most people just bite the shrimp off at the tail. This leaves a good inch of shrimp that is wasted.

And, you have a piece of scrap that is on ones plate, like a bone, skin, shell. I like a clean plate at the end of the meal. It shows that you got what you paid for. If you order a pound of meat and you have a quarter pound of bone left...you only really got a three-quarter piece of meat. Scam!

Cooks, please. Take the time to remove the tail on the shrimp. I am paying for the food and service, do your job.

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me said...

yeh - I can't stand that either. My favorite thai place leaves the tails and it drives me batty.