01 February 2009

Spellen and Gramer Lesin

Look, I surf the net just like everyone. I am average person with an average education. Here is my problem, actually...this is more your problem. The fact is, there is a growing amount of people out there that cannot spell nor use proper grammar. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who hated English class in school. I hated reading and writing. Still do, that is why I seldom update with new posts. That, and no one really reads this anyways.

The problem originates from text messaging. I did not have a mobile phone until about five years ago. Even now, I do not have a text plan on my phone...so I get charged every time I send or receive a text. Tangent: Why does the text receiver get charged even if message is not read? Emails are also to blame for this trend. Anyway, the art of spelling is lost with these convenient forms of communication. I understand the occasional typo. Heck, I do it all the time.

Here are some words in particular that I...uh, YOU have a problem with.





First one, "they're"...contraction of "they" and "are". As you may have noticed (oh wait, no one reads this), I do not use contractions when I write, never did. A 'trick' I used back in school to increase word count on ten page papers. This one is simple, here is an example. They're misusing these words. Which is to say that they, meaning you, are doing it wrong.

Speaking of "you are", that is another contraction that gets misused. "You're" and "your". Example: You're going to correct your grammar.

Which brings me to "their", like "your" is used as a possessive. This is a result of their lack of education.

And where would one acquire an education? "There!" See how I set that up? Where, there, here...they all have the word "here" in it, meaning location.

Ah, location. Where? Yes, "where". Not "were", "wear", or "we're". Okay, so we know that "where" is in relation to a location. "Were", past tense of "are". We are going to the show. We were going to the show. Well, since we are going to the show...oh wait..."we are"..."we're". Just like "you are" is to "you're", "we are" is to "we're". Anyway, this show we are going to, is outdoors, so bring something warm to "wear".

Contractions may be difficult to understand. After all, Data did not use contractions...and he is an android. I guess that is why auto correct or spell check does not catch these errors. There are other contractions that I feel I do not need to get into. I am sure you can figure it out...well, maybe not.

Yes, I know these sound alike when you say it out loud and it can get confusing. But really, this stuff is taught in elementary school...way before you should even have a mobile phone or email account.

Two words that do not sound alike (okay, maybe a little), "then" and "than". Rather than, if/then. When I encounter this on your blogs, I usually find myself reading the line over and over again, as I try to understand your statement. Here is an example I see all the time:

I would rather have Player X, then Player Y on my team.

Uh, what are you saying here? Player X is preferred, I got that part. But, do you want Player Y? The above statement translates to this when I read it:

I would be happier to have Player X on my team. But, in the event of cap space and given another choice...I would gladly welcome Player Y on the roster.

Do you see the confusion here? Your dislike for Player Y is lost in your misuse of "then" and "than".

I would rather have Player X , than Player Y. If Player Y is signed, then I will...burn my season tickets.

Okay, I have gone long enough about this. Thanks for getting this far.

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